Thursday, December 11, 2014

P.O.T. for FUN!

I have written about Post Orgasm Torture (POT) before, but it never hurts (me anyway) to explain it and its uses again. First of all, POT is not as bad as it sounds. You can always substitute the word “Torment” for the word “Torture” in the name. It really makes no difference. It's just semantics.

What is POT? I have heard many different explanations ranging from severe CBT (Cock and Ball Torture) to continued stroking after ejaculation. The truth is, POT is the torment created when you rub the head of a man's cock immediately after ejaculation. It will last from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on two main factors: 1) How sensitive his cock is. And 2) How long you can do it without a break.

Let me explain. If you begin to rub the head (glans) of a man's cock the instant he begins to ejaculate (when it is the most sensitive) it will drive him mad! He will do anything within his power to stop you, even though he might enjoy it (to some extent). It's like being held down and tickled until you can't take it any more... Only worse! If you stop rubbing, for more than a few seconds, you will have lost your opportunity in most cases. There are men who will remain extremely sensitive for several minutes, but most will lose that sensitivity within a few seconds, if you stop rubbing. The key to successfully torturing his cock is not to stop rubbing. It will be difficult because of all the squirming, wriggling and perhaps, screaming your guy will do.

POT makes an excellent punishment if you intended to tease and deny your guy and he accidentally ejaculates in spite of your best efforts to prevent it. But no matter what your reason for doing it, you are bound to enjoy the feeling the power it gives you. Yes, it can really be a boost to your own ego. It is a feeling like no other I have ever felt. I have personally never felt as powerful as I do when I am tormenting a man who has just ejaculated without permission.

It's a simple thing to do. The hard part is holding on through all his attempts to escape your insistent attempt to torment him. The best method I have found is to hold the shaft with one hand and rub the tip with the palm of the other. I highly recommend that he be securely fastened in place as he will do everything in his power to escape.

Mistress Ivey


  1. I read your posts about POT, and I really want to thank you for the information. I've been married 25 years, and other than some bondage play, we're fairly vanilla. I've given my hubby plenty of handjobs before, and he would always put his hand over mine to stop me shortly after he came. Until I read your posts, I never realized why he did that. So I decided to give it a try. The next time we did a tie and tease, I tried it, and he safe worded after one second : ) We discussed it later at length, and he agreed to let me try again, no safeword, for one full minute. Wow. He was tied down tight, but he thrashed so hard I thought he would break the bed. Afterwards, he admitted that it was intense, but he also liked it, at least a little. Either way, it's fun to add a little spice to your sex life, especially when you pass 50. Thanks again!

  2. Awesome article and really informative. I need to share this though. I did this to my bf about a month ago. He wanted to experiment although he warned me that the head of his cock is extremely sensitive lot more than the average penis. We had a safeword but he started shouting it in 2 seconds after i started the ..torment. i thought he was just too surprised no way he couldnt take it for 2 seconds so i kept rubbing and rubbing i was feeling really horny and i thought he was secretely enjoying it ..but after 10-15 seconds or i am not sure how long.. his eyes were growing big from agony he really was in too much pain he screamed not the way i thought, his face looked like he was in panic mode. When i stopped, his head (not the cockhead) was red like he was about to explode and then after a few seconds he threw up. I untied him and he was still in pain although i thought the sensation would go away after i stopped. he couldnt even move normaly he was trembling, and didnt talk the next day, he was feeling totally depressed. (Later when we talked a bit about it he confessed that he secretely started crying without an obvious reason) His penis was oversensitive for almost 3 days after that, i couldnt touch the backside of his cockhead even in flaccid mode. When i did it reacted like he was in post orgasm mode again. He explained to me that he felt like i was peeling of his cockhead and pouring accid there (!) and that he believed that it could be more pleasurable for him if i just rip his nails off. Lol
    What the hell was that? Maybe i did something wrong? I am new to this and i have no experience on p.o.t. I felt sorry for him and i didnt want to do it again. He is uncircumcised by the way. Has anyone experienced ever something similar? Whats your opinion, what would you do if you were me?

  3. i learned about P.O.T. through a site called xhamster, and a search for Femdom handjob. When i viewed the first one by Amber Rayne, i was hard the whole time. Ever since i have been after my wife to do it to me. She is a loving and caring person and did not want to do it for fear that it would hurt me. She has since done, it to me a few times, To know that i have no control over her while i am tied up is half of the fun. She still doesn't under stand that in order for it to be mindblowing, i have to be well secured and as you say in your post Mistress Ivey you have to keep rubbing the head of the penis in many different ways. For me, it makes me hard just thinking about it. jbo