Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Is Submission Really for YOU?

I receive a great deal email from men who say they are submissive and want advice on how to find a Dominant woman to guide them. But it often turns out that what they really want is a woman to cater to their submissive side when it comes to sex (kinky sex). So the questions comes up, “Are you really submissive? Or are you only sexually submissive?”

As it turns out, only you can answer that question. But in order to do that, you must separate your sexual desires from the rest of your life. That is, outside of sex, do you still want to serve? Do you want to wash dishes, vacuum the carpets, make the beds, etc., etc., etc.? Do you REALLY want a woman telling you what to do ALL the time?

If you are not ready to a woman to take total charge of your life, perhaps you should simply join a local BDSM group so that you can get your “Kink” out without getting bound up (pun intended) in something you are not prepare for. Don't get me wrong...

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Why Do You Want An FLR?

I get this question from women whose husbands have been nagging them to take control of them. They either don't see the benefits out weighing the work they think they will have to do themselves, or they see only the “kinky” side of it. But there are many benefits men don't often relate to their mates when they want an FLR. So, allow me to enlighten those who don't fully understand it.

A Female Led Relationship is just that, Female Led! There are no rules that say you have to do anything kinky, although I find those kinds of things can be fun. Simply put, it means that the head of the household is the woman, not the man. She makes the decisions as to who will take little Bobby to soccer practice on Saturday and who will do the grocery shopping. It means that she will decide what movies you go to and where you will eat when you dine out.

An FLR is nothing more than a switch in the basic roles of the people involved. That does not include, necessarily, who earns the money. It involves who makes the decisions. Which decisions she wants to make may vary from one relationship to another. After all, every couple is different. What works for Jane and Jim down the street may not work for you. But the basic premise is good for every relationship, FLR or not.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Thank You All!

I wanted to make a brief post to thank all my readers for their support. If you looked about half way down the right column, you will notice my total page views count. On November 12, 2015, in the early afternoon, that count passed the three-million (3,000,000) mark!

Thank you all for your support! It is truly appreciated.

Mistress Ivey

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fulfill His Desires Thru Masturbation

Last week we talked about what it takes to be a good leader. We mentioned that food, shelter and clothing were the only needs that must be filled. Now let's talk about desires. If you are not fulfilling at least some of your partner's desires, he will quickly lose interest in serving you. That would be a bad thing.

So what do you do when your partner has expressed the desire to do something “really” kinky? Well, the obvious answer would be to do whatever he wants. But what if you are not really into that kind of activity? What can you do then? I have found that humiliation works very well.

If you don't want to dress him up in women's clothing, or make him have sex with another man, or cuckold him, or even allow another woman to touch him, here is a suggestion that can fulfill all these desires without you having to do anything but give him a few commands. It's called humiliation.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Are You a Good Leader?

One of the signs of good leadership is how you look out for those beneath you. That is, do you make sure that your subordinates are getting their needs met? If not, then you need to look into that.

My husband was in the Navy for a number of years and one of the things that I learned from him was, if you don't take care of the needs of your subs, then they won't be happy. Their moral will be affected in a negative way. Happy subs are those the hardest working subs, according to my husband. And that makes since.