Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fun With P.O.T.

I have written about Post Orgasm Torture (POT) before, but it never hurts (me anyway) to explain it and its uses again. First of all, POT is not as bad as it sounds. You can always substitute the word “Torment” for the word “Torture” in the name. It really makes no difference. It's just semantics.

What is POT? I have heard many different explanations ranging from severe CBT (Cock and Ball Torture) to continued stroking after ejaculation. The truth is, POT is the torment created when you rub the head of a man's cock immediately after ejaculation. It will last from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on two main factors: 1) How sensitive his cock is. And 2) How long you can do it without a break.

Let me explain. If you begin to rub the head (glans) of a man's cock the instant he begins to ejaculate (when it is the most sensitive) it will drive him mad! He will do anything within his power to stop you, even though he might enjoy it (to some extent). It's like being held down and tickled until you can't take it any more... Only worse! If you stop rubbing, for more than a few seconds, will have lost your opportunity in most cases. There are men who will remain extremely sensitive for several minutes, but most will lose that sensitivity within a few seconds, if you stop rubbing. The key to successfully torturing his cock is not to stop rubbing. It will be difficult because of all the squirming, wriggling and perhaps, screaming.

POT makes an excellent punishment if you intended to tease and deny your guy and he accidentally ejaculates in spite of your best efforts to prevent it. But no matter what your reason for doing it, you are bound to enjoy the feeling the power it gives you. Yes, it can really be a boost to your own ego. It is a feeling like no other I have ever felt. I have personally never felt as powerful as I do when I am tormenting a man who has just ejaculated without permission.

It's a simple thing to do. The hard part is holding on through all his attempts to escape your insistent attempt to torment him. The best method I have found is to hold the shaft with one hand and rub the tip with the palm of the other. I highly recommend that he be securely fastened in place as you can see by the video above.

Mistress Ivey

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Getting to Carnegie Hall

Ruined Orgasm
I have received numerous letters asking me for more information about ruined and stifled orgasms and how to make your guy last longer during teasing, so here is what I know. I hope it helps.

First of all, the major difference between a ruined orgasm and a stifled orgasm is the force behind it. A stifled orgasm is actually a full orgasm in which the ejaculate has been prevented from exiting the penis until the force behind it has stopped. That is, by manually preventing your guy's cum from shooting out at full force, you are not preventing the orgasm, only the part he likes best and the aftermath! By “aftermath” I mean that period of time it takes him to fully recoup his good behavior.

Normally, after a full orgasm, it may take your guy up to a week (or more) to fully regain his self control where his behavior is concerned. That is, he may be a little grumpy or not so sexually excited that he will do anything to please you. In the case of a stifled orgasm, recuperation (in some men) may be as short as a few hours or as long as a couple of days. The average (as far as I can tell) seems to be between one and two days. I can't explain exactly why this is, but just be aware of it and you can cope with it.

A ruined orgasm on the the other hand is an orgasm that has been all but prevented. Sometimes ruined orgasms are called “abandoned” orgasms. This is a very good name for them because that's exactly how you cause them. Simply stop all physical stimulation at the last possible moment and, even though he will expel some ejaculate, there will be absolutely no force behind it. It's kind of fun to watch!

If you are not precisely sure when to stop stimulating your guy's cock in order to ruin his orgasm. Practice! If you stop too soon, he will not produce any semen after you stop. If this happens... Yay! You have edged him. Simply go back to stimulating him and try again. If, on the other hand, you stop too late and he cums with some force (at least for the first shot) take heart. It can be difficult finding the exact right instant to stop all stimulation in order to produce a ruined orgasm properly. Just keep practicing.

Your guys cums too soon when you are trying to tease him during a lengthy session? Okay, there are a couple methods to help extend his staying power. The first thing you must do is reduce the stimulation (duh). One way is to soften it. That is, let's say you are using a sable brush to stroke his cock and get him all ready for what comes next. If he cums too easily from this, try using an ostrich feather instead. It is even softer and will give him less stimulation from the very same actions.

Another method of reducing the effects are to place a condom over his cock. This has the added benefit of catching any ejaculate that might be produced, whether wanted or not. You can also cut the end off the condom to give you access to the tip (head) of his cock without giving the shaft as much stimulation as would get without the condom. Finally, as a last resort, you can use a very small amount of numbing cream to reduce the sensitive areas of his cock. There are several on the market as well as things like Orajel® and such.

Just remember, practice make perfect, and there's nothing quite as much fun as practicing to ruin an orgasm!

Mistress Ivey

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fun With CBT

I get a great number of questions regarding cock and ball torture (CBT) and I am never quite sure how to answer them. While some men may thoroughly enjoy one type of CBT, another type might really put them off. Then there is the inherent danger. The penis and testicles (cock and balls) can be quite delicate. That is, they can be permanently damaged if you are not careful.

Having said that, let's take a look a few things you can do as long as you take care NOT to over do any of them. That is, don't go to extremes. If in doubt, don't do it.

Weights: Adding weights to a man's balls in order to cause slight (or severe) pain is a common method of CBT. The easiest way to accomplish this is simply to wrap a thin rope or string (I like using round boot laces) around the ball sack just above the balls several times and tie it off. If you have enough string left at both ends you can tie them together forming a loop under the balls. To this loop, you can attach weights. Purchase your weights in the fishing aisle of your favorite department store. They come in many different sizes and can be attached to the string using Christmas tree ornament hooks.

There are a number of apparatae (apparatuses?) that can be purchased from just about any online sex shop to make this easier. But I don't recommend you spend a great deal of money on something you discover you don't want to use. There are 'parachutes' that work well. They consist of a conical-shaped piece of leather with (usually) three chains that attach to a ring. These chains dangle below the balls and you attach your weights to the ring. Whatever you choose to do, PLEASE start out slow. Don't go adding a 25Lb weight your first time out. Start with something that only weighs a few ounces first.

Binding: Using the same string I described above, you can tie up your guy's jewels just about any way you like. You can get fancy by wrapping his penis from tip to base. You can make a fishnet type binding, or you can just tie a string to the tip and see how much weight he can “list” when he gets really turned on. Of course you can always involve the balls when binding the penis. Just don't leave it on him all day unless you have tied him loosely (what fun would that be?). Anytime you start binding the cock and balls you risk cutting off the flow of blood. That can be dangerous. So limit the time you leave any bindings on.

Motor-Boat: This is fun (for you, not so much him) thing to try. Wrap a string around his cock starting at the base and working your way to the tip. Don't tie either end to anything. Once you have him all wrapped up, take the end nearest the tip and pull it straight out from his body. It's like pulling the string to start a motor-boat, thus, the name. It's fun and reasonably harmless.

Electro-shock: This is my personal favorite. You can purchase (yes you have to buy something for this one) any number of types and styles of electro-shock devices. Most online sex toy stores carry a variety of them. By attaching the electrodes to various places on and around his genitals, you can achieve all sorts of results. Most devices have the capability to adjust the intensity of the shock and/or the waveform used. All I can tell you about this type of CBT is that it is FUN! Just make sure you ALWAYS turn down the settings before trying it in a new spot. (I learned that from experience.)

Clips & Clamps: There are many other types of CBT as well. Try waxing the hair off his balls, applying some duct tape, or just sticking some regular tape to the hairy spots. Ripping it off is so much fun and fairly harmless. You can use any of a number of clips and clamps made especially for CBT (or nipples) but my favorite of these is that old standby... clothespins. I recommend the cheap ones because they have weaker springs.

I DO NOT recommend hitting, his balls with anything. Gentle slaps or finger thumps should be your limit. Serious injury can result from anything harder. He may be able to take the pain, but his genitals may not take the damage well.

CBT can be fun when you do it right. Just don't risk doing damage and you should be fine.

Mistress Ivey

Sunday, January 13, 2013

To Milk or Not to Milk

I have written about this subject several times, but it has become clear to me that many of you, especially those of you who are new to it, are having difficulty with prostate milking. First of all, let's get one thing clear... There has been a great deal of discussion about the value and purpose of prostate milking. I have not been able to find one definitive study on the subject of prostate milking for health reasons. One camp says that if a guy is not allowed to ejaculate for an extended period he should have his prostate milked (for health reasons). On the other hand, I have found no proof that any damage is caused from prolonged abstinence. In other words, do it if you think you need to, don't if you don't want to. I know for a fact that many men (past and present) who practice abstinence with no side effects what so ever. So I don't feel it is a serious problem.

Having gotten that out of the way, let me talk about 'blue-balls' for a second. I'll bet you didn't know that blue-balls is actually a short term malady that effects men when they first start tease and denial. Yep. When you stimulate the male cock into arousal and don't allow it release, his semen will build up in his system as his body prepares itself over and over again for release that never comes (pun intended). But after a while, his body gets used to not being able to release all that excess semen and it quits making so much. It takes from one to two weeks for this to happen, but once it does, his blue-balls will go away.

So what can prostate milking do for you (or him)? Simply put, it can relieve his body of excess semen so that it will once again begin to think it needs to replenish the supply. In other words, he can get blue-balls again! Blue-balls are not as bad as people might like to think. They are an aching in the groin (and possibly the balls) that makes his balls more sensitive to the touch (or the punch, as might be the case).

So what does all this mean to you? Nothing really, but if you want to practice prostate milking for any number of reasons, including, but not limited to, humiliation, be my guest. The problem I most often hear from women who try is trouble getting anything out. First of all, don't stick your finger in as far as you can get it (unless you have pretty short fingers). When you can feel the sphincter tighten around your second knuckle, you are probably in far enough. It may take you many tries before you get the hang of it, and don't expect to get copious amounts of ejaculate every time, especially when you are just starting out. I read a Doctor's note about that once and in it he stated that five or six drops is about all you will get on someone who does not practice it often.

So, in conclusion, use lots of lubricant, wear protective gloves, and try it for at least 10 minutes as often as you can. Before long, you will become good at it. Once you have done it successfully, you will know what works best on your guy. So keep practicing even though you may not get results. The humiliation of having it done (successful or not) will be enough to keep your guy happy.

Mistress Ivey