Wednesday, August 30, 2017

More on Pegging

This is memo. I am writing this to give you more of a male perspective to pegging. Guys, if you think you would enjoy being pegged by your partner (or someone else), and they don't know it, you need get on the ball and talk with them. I know that many of you are terrified to bring up the subject for fear that you will be scorned, laughed at, or told you are just too perverted. But if don't ever bring it up, you will always long for something you may NEVER get. That's not fun.

The trick is to find a way to bring it up with least amount of risk. So, I suggest sitting down to talk about what you both like and don't like. Tastes change, so doing this periodically is always a good idea. If you enjoy any kind of anal play from wearing a butt-plug to prostate milking, then pegging is not that much different. So bring up the subject during one of your discussions and hopefully, you will get your wish.

Monday, August 21, 2017

To Peg or Not to Peg?

I haven't really written much on this subject. Even in my books I didn't go into great depth. So, here is a little information to help get you started, if this is something you think you might enjoy.

First of all, let me be clear for those who might not be aware of it. “Pegging,” as it is often called, is the act of using a strap-on dildo in order to have anal sex with your partner. This is not something that appeals to everyone, but I have been surprised at how many men actually want their wives to engage in this type of activity.

I will not get into the psychological aspects of pegging or what it might represent to certain people. I have found that the reasons men have for enjoying it vary greatly. Women also enjoy in engaging in pegging for a wide variety of reasons. But the best reason I can think of for doing it is that it can be fun for both parties.

Warning: Anal sex of any kind can be painful! Especially at first. Once a man gets used to doing it though, the pain will ease and his enjoyment will increase. 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

More on Fantasies

So, Ladies... If you have been paying attention, and if you take a look at the two polls in the right-hand column, you should realize that your partner most likely fantasizes about many different things. Some, he hopes you will make come true, but others he just wants you to talk about doing.

My point here is (and I will leave the polls up for another week), if you take a close look at what these two polls indicate, you should be able to guess where your partner is in these polls. If you can't, then you can always have him take the polls again, just for you. Don't worry, he will answer the questions, if you will but ask them.

Most men, I have found, want their limits to be pushed, at least a little. You can use his fantasies to push those limits if you like. All you have to do, when you are sexually teasing him, is to mention that you have been wanting to do something special. Something on his fantasy list. You don't have to actually do it. Just talk as if you might. Tell him how much fun you think it would be to do it. Tell him exactly how you would do it.

Would you make make him dress up as a woman and take you to a coffee shop? Perhaps you might mention that one of your girlfriends knows about his submissive side and wants to see it for herself. So you thought you would invite her over so she can see just how obedient he is.

And for those things on his “Reality” list, well, if any of them appeal to you, why not make a few of them come true for him. It isn't a great deal of work for you. All you have to do is tell him you want him to do whatever it is. He should, albeit reluctantly, obey you. After all, that is what he wants to do. He longs to be told exactly what to do. It is all a part of the teasing that you do for him.

So, Ladies, in the future, remember to push his limits and tease him with fantasy, and a splash of reality every once in a while. It will liven up both your lives and possibly make this “being in charge” more fun for you.

Mistress Ivey