Monday, October 26, 2015

Training for Submissive Men

I know that I wrote a blog post about how submissive men should not be trained by anyone but their prospective Female Dominant. My reasoning was simply that there was no proper training available. In 99% of the cases I could find, a man was only getting his kinky side satisfied and NOT getting the information he really needs to find a good Dominant woman, or how to begin to serve her properly. That is, until now.

I, along with Queenie of and a few other Dominant women have gotten together to set up a training program that I think will give the submissive male everything he needs to find, and properly serve, the woman of his dreams. I believe that this new training program will be a great success and help many men to achieve their own goals in setting up an FLR (Female Led Relationship) with the right woman.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Are You Truly Submissive?

Are you truly submissive, or are you just kinky? That's the question you men should ask yourselves. You women should ask yourselves if you are truly in an FLR or are you just a dominant for his kink?

Many men, women too, mistake leadership in an FLR for dominance in kink. If you are doing kinky things for your partner because that's what he wants, but you are not getting what you want from the relationship, then you are just playing dominant to his kink. If he were truly submissive, then he would be fulfilling all your hopes and dreams, desires, and kinks, without expecting anything in return. That much is fact.

An FLR is not a sexual relationship. It is a lead and follow relationship. That is, as the leader of the relationship, you, as a woman, should be getting anything and everything you want. Only then, should you feel the need to reward your submissive with sexual favors that he wants, whether they be kinky or not.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

An Honest Review

I just completed the FLR (Female Led Relationship) course offered by Even though I was asked to teach a class on Tease & Denial as part of the course, I must admit that I actually learned quite a bit.

Queenie, the course creator and instructor, brings out the best in each student. Her winning personality comes through as she challenges each student to be the best “Goddess” they can be. The lessons are personalized through a question and answer period at the end of each one. Not only the classes were interesting and informative, they were actually fun.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cuckold Caution

I recently received a message from one of my friends on Facebook. She is one of the rare ones who asked for my advice and then actually followed it. It is so often that I give advice to someone who, in the end, totally disregards it that I wonder why they asked me in the first place. Then when all is said and done, they wonder why things did not work out as they had hoped.

This particular friend, we will call her “M,” told me that her husband had been begging her to cuckold him for well over a year. Cuckolding was something that “M” was really not comfortable doing but could not convince her partner that it would not be a good idea. After over a year of listening to her husbands constant begging, she decided to try something I had suggested.