Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rewards & Punishments

Were You Good or Bad?
No, I am not going to tell you a bunch of ways to punish or discipline your sub. I want you to tell me how you do it. This is your chance to share the many things you do to keep your guy in line. Do you use an unusual method of discipline? Do you do something special in the way of rewards when your guy does something special?

Does your wife, Mistress, Queen, Goddess (or whatever you call her) play a cool game so you can earn an orgasm? Does she have a unique or fun way of punishing you when you need it? Or maybe, it's not that unusual but you just want to share it with all of us.

Don't be shy. I know there is something you or your Mistress does that you could share. Maybe she makes you masturbate in front of her friends if you want a full orgasm. Hey, this is your chance to tell us all about it. Whatever it is. Tell us about your rewards or your punishments. Anything that you think is interesting or unique.

Write me, or leave a comment for everyone to share.


Mistress Ivey