Monday, May 30, 2011

To Cuckold or Not to Cuckold

For many, that may be the question. But for me, there is no question. I know that my husband (and slave) sometimes has fantasies about these things. I also know that from his past experiences (read wives) he could not emotionally withstand it, no matter how strong his fantasies on the matter.

If you have delved as deeply as I have suggested you do into your partner's fantasies, then you should know which of these fantasies you might want to turn into reality for him, and which you should leave as fantasy. But we all have that “wicked” streak that wants to give him everything he fantasizes about. The real questions is, what damage might be done if we do?

Though nemo often fantasizes about being cuckolded, I know that he would have serious jealousy issues with it should I ever actually do it. So here is how I plan to over come these issues.

First of all, I know that if I were to actually cuckold him, it might just ruin our relationship. Therefore, I must find another way of making his fantasy, at least seem, to come true. I would schedule a night (or even a weekend) out in a hotel, somewhere. Las Vegas would be an excellent choice. One evening, I would bind him to the bed or even a chair while I go out. I would, of course tell him that I am going out to find a man to fuck me and that when I get get back, he can lick me clean.

This would, of course, cause him to have much anxiety. He might even get angry. But at some point during my one to two hour absence, he would fantasize about what I am doing. He would convince himself that I am only fulfilling another of his many fantasies, and that the man I choose would mean absolutely nothing to me. The fact is, I would choose no one. I would merely spend the time away gambling, shopping, or even just sight-seeing.

When I finally return to our room, I would continue the fantasy, acting as if I had just had great sex with a really sexy guy I found in the bar. I would undress, and make him give me two or three (or more) orgasms orally. I am sure it would not take long for him to realize that my vaginal cavity contained no semen. Only when I have been fully satisfied, would I explain what I had actually done.

It is very important that in doing this kind of thing, you would need to sit down and have a serious discussion about what happened. You have to be very clear that you (or I in this example) did NOT have sex with anyone other than him. Discuss his feelings about what you did, how he felt about it, what were his feelings while he was alone and waiting for your return?

I guess my point here is that there are ways in which you can simulate giving him many of the fantasies he loves without either of you having to do anything you really don't want to do. If you can use your imagination, you should be able to come up with other ways of making his fantasies come true (at least in part).

The emotional well being of my husband (slave, sub, partner, etc.) is extremely important. There is no better way to ruin a relationship than to inflict emotional damage, whether intended or not. So please, be careful what you do. Remember, in placing control of the sexual aspect (and possibly other aspects) of his life in your hands, he has entrusted you with a very valuable gift. Don't abuse it!

Mistress Ivey

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another Lesson in Teasing

My slave, nemo, recently posted three photos of women with very different body styles. Along with each photo was a statement of how each would treat a male sub. Along with the post a poll was posted asking men to choose which woman they would prefer as a key holder. The results were not at all surprising. (Click here to view it.)

It is obvious that what a chaste man wants has nothing to do with a woman's body style, or her overall beauty, but rather how she intends to treat him. More than 50% (more than double the next highest choice) of the men chose Woman #1 because of what she promised to do to them. Let's face it girls, the more you tease your man (sub, slave, chastity-boy) the more he will appreciate you. So... Here are the basics of what you should be doing in each and every tease session you give him, whether or not you deny his orgasm, the build up to that point is the same.

First of all, you should spend a little time getting to know the cock you intend to tease. (Name it if you like.) Take some time to study it. I mean get up close and personal with this thing you intend to use to bring such joy and torment to your man. Look it over very closely. Examine the head (glans) of his penis. Notice how it seems to form a little helmet. On the underside, where the corona (the ridge that extends around the penis) begins and ends (and where the foreskin is attached (if he has one). This is, by far, the most sensitive spot on his entire body. Rub this spot for few minutes and you can make him ejaculate.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Better Milking

I have read a great deal about prostate milking and I have tried to apply what I have learned. Well, I have a couple of tips for those you who would like to (or do) practice prostate milking. If you are currently milking your partner through prostate massage, but you are not actually getting much (quantity wise) from him, I have a couple of tricks for you.

If you already get plenty of cum from your partner when you massage his prostate, it may be that you are actually using one or both of the tricks I am going to tell about without even knowing it. You see, massaging the prostate (as a doctor would) does not normally produce more that a few drops of liquid. That's because the prostate does not contain all the stuff you find in a normal ejaculation. If your partner has had a vasectomy, he will produce a smaller amount of ejaculate anyway because there are no spermies in it. But there are two other places that contribute to the quantity of fluid in a normal ejaculation.

Of course, you already know about the prostate. It supplies a small amount and the older your partner is, the longer it takes for him to produce more prostate fluid. However, the seminal vesicles (located just behind the prostate) produce a larger amount of fluid than the prostate itself. This fluid seems to act as a sperm plug designed to help block another man's sperm from getting to the egg.

If you have long fingers and can reach just beyond the prostate, you can massage these vesicles which will produce more fluid than the prostate alone. If your have short (or normal length) fingers, you may have difficulty reaching the vesicles. In that case, try using a slim vibrator or even a P-spot toy such as an Aneros style prostate massage aid to help you reach them. (Here is the one I use.)

Still, there is an even better way. If you spend some time getting your partner aroused, ready to cum, then switch to a prostate massage, you can get as much fluid as a regular ejaculation would produce, but without the thrill of a full orgasm. When a man gets excited enough, his body prepares for an ejaculation by sending everything “up front” so to speak. If you stop arousing him, or at least stop manipulating his cock, before he gets to the point of orgasm, you have everything right where you want it. Try switching to a prostate massage at this point, and you will get all the combined fluids. It's like the ultimate ruined orgasm. A full load, with none of the fun (for him).

Sometimes it can help to physically milk his cock once the prostate massage does it's work. That is, once you begin getting fluid while massaging his prostate, use your hand to stroke from the base of his cock to the tip (much like you would milk a cow). DO NOT stroke in both directions, as this can cause a normal orgasm. By going in only one direction, you prevent a normal ejaculation while milking the urethra of everything in it.

Now, if all you have been getting is a tiny amount and you make him swallow it, think how surprised he will be tonight when you give a good deal more to swallow!

Mistress Ivey