Saturday, December 29, 2012

Stifling His Orgasms

Thumbing His Orgasm
Hopefully, by now, you have learned how to ruin his orgasms by stopping all stimulation to his cock. Now let's take a look at another fun thing to do. I call it 'Stifling' an orgasm. It's really another way to ruin an orgasm, but different. The objective here is to stimulate him enough for him to shoot his ejaculate hard, but still prevent him from doing it.

There are several ways to accomplish a stifled orgasm. The easiest is probably the thumb method. When your guy gets ready to shoot that load simply press your thumb firmly over the hole in the tip of his cock. Press FIRMLY and hold it until all the jerking, or spasms, stop. It may take about 30 seconds or so, just be patient. Once you release your hold on his cum, it may squirt one time, but that should it. The rest, if any, will simply ooze out.

Another method is to squeeze the tip of his cock with your thumb and forefinger on either side. No, not the top and bottom as you might expect. If you do it right, and squeeze only the tip, you find it easy to stifle his ejaculation. Again, when you finally release your hold on his cock, he may squirt once and then dribble for a few seconds. It's fun to watch.

A third method is to cover the tip of his cock with the palm of one hand (called palming) while holding his cock steady with the other hand. Again, press firmly and don't let go until all the spasms stop. The advantage to this method is that you can continue stroking his cock with one hand while using the other to stop his ejaculate from coming out. He may squirt a bit when remove your hand, but that's okay. You were successful if the rest of it dribbles out.

My final method for stifling an orgasm is to squeeze the base of his shaft tightly when reaches the point of no return. This will force his ejaculate to back up into his bladder or something, but it won't hurt him. It is perfectly safe to stifle an orgasm, no matter how you do it (short of putting his cock in a vice). If you wait until all the spasms stop, he may not do anything. That is, you might get a little cum oozing out and you may not. Either way, you were successful!

Stifling an orgasm can be slightly painful for some men. It's not excruciating or anything, it can make him uncomfortable for a few seconds. Don't worry, it won't harm him. A little pain should not put you off of stifling his orgasms. I am told that the pain is not bad enough (at least in most men) that they can't take it.

Finally, stifling orgasms is fun. Almost as much fun as ruining one. Most of the time you can still continue to tease him because he shouldn't lose all of his desire to continue. If he does, it won't last as long as having a full orgasm would.

Happy stifling, all!

Mistress Ivey

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

More Ruined Orgasms

Nothing pleases me more than when I ruin a guy's orgasm. I have written much on the subject here, but I would like to give you some quick tips on doing it yourself.

If you enjoy edging your guy, that is bringing him as close to an orgasm as you can and then stopping (or pausing) for a moment so he can relax and back off a bit, then you are already half way there. My first tip is try it by edging. It doesn't matter how many times you stroke his cock, as long as you stop for a minute or more to let him back off from the edge. Even if he has not quite reached it, you have been successful and he will enjoy it.

If you DO manage to get him right up to the edge, then you have reached that perfect point. The point where, just one more stroke (or two) will send him over the edge, shooting his ejaculate all over the place. So what you need to do, is pay close attention to everything he does. The more you are able to repeat the process, the better you will get at determining exactly when to stop.

Here's a little hint: keep an eye on his hips. If he tenses his hip muscles (raises up slightly if laying down), he may be getting very close and it's a good time to back off. If he lowers his hips below the normal resting position, look out. He may be ready to shoot and it may even be too late.

The key here is practice. Practice makes perfect. Practice is fun! He will love it, and if you don't stop in time to watch his ejaculate simply drip from his cock, well, there is always next time. Like I said, practice is fun. If you stop too soon, keep trying. And remember, if you succeed, you can try again right away. If you fail and he cums hard enough to “shoot”, then you will need to wait a day (or at least a few hours) to allow him to recuperate.

So have fun, and don't stress out if you fail the first few times out. You will eventually get the hang of it and you will learn exactly what to watch for. Every man is different, so I can't give you all the specific signs to watch for, you'll have to figure them out for yourself. But don't forget to have fun doing it.

Mistress Ivey