FLR Training

FLR Training for Women

It is time to stop wasting your time surfing the internet, hoping for an easy fix. You won’t find an answer on any webpage. You can only be offered the answers you seek by real Goddesses and couples who are experienced in Female Led Relationships. Invest in your future.

Queenie is the creator of Conquer Him (With Love). Conquer Him (With Love) aims to shift the power of Female Led Relationships into mainstream society so that every woman can be exposed to the beauty of Female Led Relationships.

Conquer Him offers a progressive Female Led Relationship Training Program to help women refine their Female Led Relationships.

Get started on the life you want right now.
  • This 4 Week coaching program offers lectures, discussions, writing assignments and support for WOMEN in Female Led Relationships.
  • If you choose to attend the live classes on Tuesday evenings at 9pm eastern you may participate in a highly valuable question and answer session with the featured speakers.
  • If you can not attend one of the live classes, video replays will be made available for you to review at your convenience.
  • Both single Goddesses and married women are invited to attend. 
A Note From Mistress Ivey
I am constantly asked if I offer any kind of training class for women
who want to learn more about Female Led Relationships.
Until now, the only thing I could do was to try to help
those women through email. I have scoured the
Internet for a program I could offer. I finally found one!
 Conquer Him has a winning program that can teach you to
take control of your relationship and make it what you
have always dreamed it could be. If your partner has
been bugging you about taking charge, and you are not
sure how to go about it, or what works and what doesn't,
then this is the right program for you.
I not only give Conquer Him my full support, I have
agreed to teach one of the classes.

I strongly urge you to invest in your future!
Class size is limited. Sign up NOW! 
Only $450

Join Us For:

  • Personal Coaching/Correction
  • Private Facebook Group Membership
  • Access to the Conquer Him Training Academy
  • 4 Weekly Conference Calls (Every Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern)
  • Interviews With Couples In Successful Female Led Relationships
  • Female Led Relationship Concepts &Daily Discussions
  • One on One Private Coaching Sessions
  • Interaction With Other Women Creating FLRs.

Read what previous students have said about this course:

What do you believe was the biggest benefit of participating?

Student 1: Having had to reflect and write about my perspectives and being exposed to other women’s experiences who also are interested in FLR.
Loved Miss Ivey. Could have listened to her forever.

Student 2: Having the opportunity to meet other women in similar circumstances and learning about the diversity of leadership and authority styles – which allowed me to see that I can design my FLR anyway that serves me best.
[The guest speakers] were fascinating. I had read Mistress Ivey’s book about setting up an FLR, so it was fabulous hearing directly from her.

Student 3: Meeting other women who are traveling the same road and want the same thing in their relationship. To be able to talk and share about this kind of lifestyle.
[The guest speakers] were all Great, I especially loved Mistress Ivey.