Wednesday, February 15, 2017

How Long?

I think a great many women who end up putting their partners in chastity, for whatever reason, don't fully understand the tease and denial (T&D) aspect of sexual activities. If you ask any male how long a good tease session should last, you may very well get answers like, “As long as you can keep me hard,” or “At least an hour at a time.”

I am sure your chaste man would love for you tease him as long and as often as you can find the time, but who can really keep it up (pun intended) for that long? What I have found to be most effective, are shorter teases leading up to a longer (maybe 20-30 minutes) tease as the grand finale. Of course, if you can muster the energy for a 30-60 minute tease once every week or so, that's great! But for daily teasing, I recommend much shorter, more frequent sessions.

You wouldn't want your guy to top you from the bottom, simply by telling you he needs more attention, now would you? After all, we all know he wants far more attention than we are capable of giving him. So, pace yourself. Here are a few examples of simple, short teases you can do almost any time.

  1. Call him on the phone and tell him the beginning to one of his favorite fantasies.
  2. Stop him as he is passing through the room you are in and make him expose himself to you. You can fondle him, if you like, or have him fondle himself. This takes about two to five minutes, or as long as you would like it to take.
  3. While watching TV have him fondle himself until he gets hard. Then reach over to make sure he did it right. Thank him for doing it for you and go back to watching your show.
  4. Text him during the day and have him do something for you, such as going to a restroom and send you a photo of his cock, or maybe tell him to insert a butt-plug.
  5. When you have just climbed into bed, and are too tired for a long tease session, fondle his balls until you tire of it, or fall asleep.

Remember, teasing does NOT necessarily lead to ejaculation. It's not called “Tease and Denial” for nothing!

Mistress Ivey

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Get Real

I have written many fantasies, listened to,and read, many more. Fantasies are a wonderful thing, but... After all is said and done, they are still just fantasies. Many men fantasize about the “Perfect FLR” and what it would be like to live under the control of a powerful woman. But we all must live in a reality-based world.

So what is the reality of the “Perfect FLR”? What is truly practical, achievable, and logically livable FLR? These are questions that each couple must answer for themselves. But it must be done as a couple, not a single person.

Any couple who desires to move their relationship from a male controlled to a female controlled one, needs to be able to sit down and openly, and honestly discuss their expectations. If you can't talk with your partner about such things as sexual activity, daily routines, discipline and possibly punishment, then you have no business entering into such a relationship.

Many men I have spoken with over the past ten years, think they can simply turn over total, unilateral control of every aspect of their lives to their spouse without fear of failure. Let's be honest. That would be very impractical. Not just impractical, but irresponsible.

Please, if you truly want to shift your relationship to a female led one, put aside your fantasies, and look at everything openly and honestly. Be honest with yourself. If you simply can't, for whatever reason, wear a chastity device more than seven days in a row, say that. Don't fool yourself into thinking that your partner will automatically know this and never put you into a chastity device for any longer than that.
Fantasies are great. But let's be honest, fantasies are scary. That's their appeal. But you need to temper your fantasies with a healthy dose of reality. Please.

Mistress Ivey

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Title Change

For reasons I don't really understand, I have been asked (for publication purposes) to change the name of the box set eBook and paperback that contains the entire (upgraded and enhanced) versions of all three volumes of 'The Marriage Counselor'.

So, I have decided to call it 'The Marriage Counselor – Complete Version' so that you can still tell that it is all three books plus upgrades and additions. I hope this will not cause any confusion for those of you who intend on purchasing one (or more) of these works of fiction.

Yes, the three original versions of the books are available NOW in both eBook and paperback (this time), and the new 'Complete Version' which contains all three books plus some additional material and better editing, will be available March 1st. However, you can only get the eBooks from Amazon this time. I had some problems with one of Smashwords distributors and it wasn't worth my time to make the necessary changes to suit one distributor. Thus, I am not using Smashwords for this release of the original eBooks. However, 'The Complete Version' eBook is available from Smashwords.

The paperbacks for the three original versions are only available from Amazon as well, but the 'Complete Version' is available from both Amazon and CreateSpace starting soon! You can pre-order a the eBook version from Amazon now and receive your copy on March 1, 2017 which is the scheduled release date for both eBook and paperback.

Thanks for your time.

Mistress Ivey

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Ode to a Hand

Below I have posted an ode, for lack anything better to call it. It was written by my husband at my request. I think other men, in chastity or not, may enjoy this. Please leave a comment if you do.

The Hand

It's just a hand. It happens to be a left hand, though it could, just as easily, be a right hand. There is really nothing particularly special about it. It has four fingers, three knuckles on each, plus a thumb. The fingers, since we are talking about them, are slim and delicate. Not so slim as to be considered oddly so, just slim enough to be considered quite beautiful. I guess you would say it was a nice, delicate, hand. A soft hand.

No, the hand by itself is not particularly different from any other female's hand I have seen. But It's a very erotic hand when it comes to the things it can do to me. Just looking at it causes stirrings deep in my psyche, as well as my groin. It conjures up all sorts of thoughts. Erotic thoughts. Very erotic thoughts, it seems.

I feel goose-bumps traveling from my neck all the way down both arms and my back every time the hand merely touches my ear. I can't describe what happens when it gently reaches inside my shirt and gently brushes across my chest, or rakes across my nipples. And when I feel it softly, gently moving down over my stomach, my eyes flutter closed and my mind can focus on nothing else. My entire body stiffens, imperceptibly. My manhood responds by filling with blood and growing to its full length and girth.

Anytime the hand touches any part of my bare skin, my mind reels with desire. A desire that burns through my body with the heat of a blast furnace. It's not something I can control. I know what the hand is capable of. The pleasure it is capable of giving me, or the pain. There is not a part of my body that the hand can touch and not bring to mind a very special erotic moment in my past.

When the hand touches my most private parts, it's like an electric shock. It can stroke my shaft, rake gently across my tightening testicle sack, or even smack the tender skin of my bottom. All of these actions bring back very fond moments in my life. Those memories excite and stimulate my mind in new and different ways.

The hand stirs up desires from the very depths of my depraved mind. Each time it touches me, in any way, the sexual tension inside me rallies and brings forth my deepest desires. Desires to be touched more, to be stimulated more, to be brought to the edge of sexual ecstasy and held there for hours on end, only to be denied the release my entire body longs for. The release that would put an end to my craving for lust. The end to my desire for sexual attention. Alas, the end of my desire for the touch of that hand.

Thankfully, the hand rarely brings me to that point. Instead, it prolongs the my delicious agony, my desire for more, my need to feel its touch. It leaves me wanting more, longing for more, begging for more. If leaves my mind filled with the memories and desires that drive me to do what must be done in order to convince the owner of the hand to touch me once again.

Yes, the hand is just a hand. It happens to be a left hand, though it could, just as easily, be a right hand. But my mind cannot stop thinking about the endless pleasure the hand is capable of giving me, my body, and my mind.

nemo, slave 7
Again, if you enjoyed this post, let me know.

Mistress Ivey