Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Step Three

If you have done the first two steps exactly as I have explained them, then you should be ready for Step Three. I want you to gather together the following items:
  • Something you can use as a blindfold. A bandanna, a scarf, or even a sleep-mask. Anything that you can secure over his eyes so he won't be able to see anything you are getting ready to do to him.
  • A couple of toothpicks
  • Some type of mentholated cream or ointment. IcyHot works well and so does any muscle-ache relief cream such as Bengay or even Tiger Balm.
  • A few wooden clothespins (3-4 will do).
  • Something that vibrates.
  • Some kind of lubrication (oil or cream)

Once you have all these items, put everything except the blindfold in a small bag. An old purse works just fine. We don't want him seeing the other items until you are done with him. Getting him to wear a blindfold for some sexual fun shouldn't be difficult.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Step Two

Okay, so your husband gave you a few well deserved massages. I hope there were at least one or two of those that you did not return the favor. You can make up any excuse you like, but I would stay away from the “I'm sick” excuse. Let's look at where you can go from here...

What I recommend is treating your husband to a long, relaxing tease session. You should start with a message, much like the ones he has been giving to you. Make it long and slow. However, unlike him, I want you to include his genitals. Remember, long and slow.

Once you have massaged his back (and buttocks), turn him over and apply some nice soothing oil (or body lotion) to his chest and legs. DO NOT touch his genitals until you have finished with the rest of his body!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Starting Out

For most of you, this is all old stuff. That is, you may have already set up your Female Lead Relationship, or taken charge of your sex-lives, or whatever it is you needed to do to get where you are today, relationship-wise. But for those of you who have been sitting on the fence, or trying to figure out where to get the inner strength to take charge, this may be what you have been waiting for.

Let's start at the beginning... Maybe your hubby has been after you to take charge. Maybe he has pushed one or more of my books under your nose in an attempt to get you to read them. Maybe you have even read one or two, but still haven't convinced yourself that you can actually do it. Well, you won't have to wait after reading this post.

Whether or not your husband has been after you to take the lead in one way or another, let me give you some tips in which you can approach this that fits in with your idea of how things should be. You don't have to live up to some Internet-driven image of what a real Mistress is. You don't even have to try and please your husband by doing what he wants. Instead, try doing a few things that YOU want to do.

Monday, November 27, 2017

My Next Book

I am posting this since I need YOUR help in writing my next book. It is going to be a book about what different women do to sexually tease their partners. I want to hear from those of you who have found a special way of teasing or denying your partner. I want to know what works for you and, perhaps, how you found that particular method.

My next book will contain information gathered from you, the people out there practicing sexual control over their partner. Do you use chastity? If so, how did you get your partner to wear a chastity device? Was the idea yours or his? Does your wife have a special way of teasing you that drives you insane? What does she make you do in order to earn an orgasm?

Do you use some special milking technique? Or, perhaps you have found a very effective way of controlling when he gets to have an orgasm, and what type you allow him to have. I want to know what works for you. In what ways do you use humiliation? Punishment? Discipline? And do you use rewards?

This next book will be mostly written by those of you who are brave enough to write and tell me about it. Don't worry, your name, along with any other identifying information, will be changed to safeguard your identity. Please, take a few minutes to write me and let me know what works for you and your partner. More information may be obtained on this page. Or email your ideas to:

Thank you,

Mistress Ivey

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Giving Thanks

Sitting on my bed this morning, as I often do, trying to decide whether to write a blog post or another chapter in my latest book, I wonder what my life would have been like if I had not met the man I now call husband.

My childhood was spent being beaten with belts, drop cords, and wire coat-hangers. I gave birth to my first child while his father was in prison and I lived on the streets. I gave him up for adoption, because I wanted a better life for him than I felt I could give him.

I took up with another man. Another child was born. The beatings continued.

Several years later, after moving in with that man, who would not marry me, but who had fathered my second child, the beatings changed. They were not eliminated, merely changed to fists. I thought this was not only my lot in life, but something I deserved. I didn't know why, but I must deserve it.