Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A Cross-over Post

Below is a copy of a comment made concerning pegging and prostate milking. I wanted to share it with everyone and I will discuss it after you read it...

When we married, I thought my husband was a manly man; he certainly acted that way when we were dating. I began seeing a definite submissive side to his personality after a few months of being married.

I explored his willingness for anal play by first lightly fingering his bottom when I was sucking on him; his responses signaled his interest so I moved to lubricated finger full insertion and prostrate pressure.

He actually initiated anal stimulation during foreplay and intercourse by moving my hand to his bottom. Based on that, I got more explicit with him by teasing him with (a) medium diameter candle; his eyes told me he wanted it. Next step was a small butt plug that didn't look too threatening.

It didn't take too much work for me to get him working with me to do rhythmic Kegels with it in that added immensely to his pleasure. A few weeks of that and I thought he'd be eager or at least willing to try something more radical. But it took some coaxing.