Sample Contract

D/s Contract

This contract is being entered into by __________ and __________ for the sole purpose of establishing guidelines for our Dominant/submissive relationship. It shall last for a period of (length) or until both parties agree to renegotiate or continue said contract.


Dominant: The Dominant shall be referred to as “______” and shall be the controlling party.

Submissive: The submissive shall be referred to as “______” and shall be subject to the wishes, orders and commands of the Dominant.

Chastity Device: Any of a number of lockable devices used to secure the submissive's genitals in such a way as to make masturbation impossible. Such device may be a small cage or enclosure or even a full belt style device of the Dominant's choosing.

Emergency Key: A key that unlocks the chastity device allowing for its removal in the absence of the Dominant should the need arise.

Responsibilities of the Dominant:

  • To protect, defend, and see to the general welfare of the submissive.
  • To oversee the day to day behavior and duties of the submissive.
  • To schedule daily chores and/or tasks for the submissive.
  • To sexually tease the submissive whenever and however the Dominant sees fit.
  • To dole out discipline and/or punishment as the Dominant sees fit.

Responsibilities of the submissive:
  • The submissive shall honor and obey the wishes, orders and commands of the Dominant at all times to the best of his ability.
  • The submissive shall, without complaint, sexually satisfy the Dominant any time, any place and in any way the Dominant wishes.
  • The submissive shall protect and defend the Dominant, at all times, from any harm to the best of his ability.

  • The Dominant may impose any disciplinary action upon the submissive as the Dominant sees fit within the guidelines of the submissive's limits.
  • The submissive will submit to and complete any discipline imposed upon him to the best of his ability without complaint.

  • The Dominant may, for any reason, impose whatever punishment the Dominant deems appropriate within the guidelines of the submissive's limits.
  • The submissive shall accept and submit to any punishment the Dominant might impose so long as it falls within the guidelines of his limits.

Ejaculatory Relief:
  • The submissive shall be given sexual relief in the form of an ejaculation (either full, stifled or ruined) at least once a ________ unless said release is delayed due to misbehavior, or loss of a game.
  • The method of said relief shall be at the sole discretion of the Dominant.

Public Behavior:
  • The submissive shall address the Dominant as: Ma'am.
  • The Dominant shall address the submissive as: honey or any name she wants as long as it is respectful.
  • The Dominant may require the submissive to perform any act or activity the Dominant desires provided it does not violate any other requirement of this contract.

Limits of the submissive:
  • The submissive may, at any time during play, use the following Safe-words:
    • Red light – If used, all play or activity shall cease in order not to push beyond the current limits of the submissive.
    • Yellow light – If used, all play shall cease until the cause of the distress is corrected.
    • Green light – If used, the submissive is agreeable to continue with whatever activity in which the couple is currently engaged.
  • The Dominant shall not ignore any safeword used by the submissive at any time.
  • The Dominant shall not intentionally cause the submissive to bleed.
  • The Dominant shall not force the submissive to engage in any form of blood related activity.
  • The Dominant shall not force the submissive to engage in any form of play that involves the use of animal or human feces.
  • The Dominant shall not attempt to force the submissive to engage in sexual activity with any animal.
  • The Dominant shall not engage the submissive in any activity that cuts off the submissive's air supply other than asking the submissive to hold his breath.
  • The Dominant shall not force the submissive to engage in any activity that might result in his arrest or subsequent incarceration.
  • If the submissive says, “If you really want me to.” It means that, for one reason or another (such as a limit is being pushed), the submissive would prefer not do what the Dominant has ordered. It is, however, up to the Dominant to either require him to continue or not.
  • The Dominant may, from time to time, attempt to push the submissive beyond the limits listed below.
    • Pain tolerance
    • Verbal humiliation
    • Physical and/or mental humiliation
    • Public humiliation (public exposure or play)
    • Cuckolding
    • Bi-sexual play

Play Dates:
  • When child(ren) is(are) in school:
    • The first day of each school week (generally Mondays but may be delayed because of holidays, etc.).
    • The last day of each school week.
  • When school is out of session (e.g. seasonal breaks, etc.).
    • Play will occur either at night after child is asleep, or when child is away from home.

Types of Play:
The following are types of play activities that are of particular interest to the submissive.
  • Cock & Ball Torture
  • Humiliation of any kind
  • Electro-shock play
  • Flogging, whipping, paddling
  • Fantasy & Role play
  • Anal play (including prostate milking and strap-on)
  • (See list & Limits above)

Emergency Chastity Key (Spare Key)
  • The submissive shall have access to one key that will allow complete removal of the chastity device (if any) in an emergency situation without the direct permission of the Dominant.
  • Said key shall be placed in a secured location.
  • The submissive shall notify the Dominant and return the key as soon as possible if the submissive uses it.

Stepping out of roles:
  • At any time, either party may request a “time-out” to step out of their respective D/s roles for any reason by saying, “I need a time-out.”
  • A time-out may be used for any reason other than to stop a particular activity.
  • To end a “time-out,” either party may say, “Time-out is over,” and both parties shall return to their respective D/s roles.


Dominant: _________________ Date: ___/___/_____

submissive: ___________________ Date: ___/___/_____

Note: This is only meant as a sample contract. Each couple should change or amend it to suit their particular needs. It is recommended that you cut and paste this to your own word-processor in order to make changes and to print out the final version.

This contract is in NO WAY legally binding and will not stand up in any court in the land!


  1. I agree to all terms Mistress and have a few from contracts in my past that you might be interested in adding a line are paragraph. I sill sign im not owned at this time need to be thank you

  2. I'm printing this out. It seems the perfect "gift" for our anniversary next mo. Really this is perfect for us anyway. Thanks.

  3. An additional safeguard, our spare key is sealed in an envelope with a message written across the seal by my wife, along with her signature.

    Even if I were tempted to use the spare key and not tell her about it, there is absolutely no way I'd get away with it.

  4. I wish I become your real slave Dear Mistress :-)

    1. There is a way... See the "Special Project" page.

    2. Where do I find the special projects page?

    3. Sorry, That page was eliminated. However, I have a FetLife group called "Ivey's Task Group" where you can perform tasks as a sub.

  5. This contract is not suitable for extreme SM plays

    1. Most people are NOT into "Extreme" SM play...

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  7. I love this strict contract and I want to be and do it to a special ebony mistress or goddess

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