A Letter to Women

Why is it that so many men seem to enjoy orgasm (or more accurately, ejaculation) denial and control? Just what is the fascination with being denied the opportunity to cum, that attracts so many men? You would think that they would want to have that orgasm as soon as possible. So why do so many men love not cumming so much?

It's simple, really. When a man ejaculates, a hormone is released that signals the brain to reverse the blood flow out of his cock. It also signals the brain to stop being aroused by the very things that he loves. So you see, when a man has an ejaculation, it's not just because he is tired that makes him want to do something else, it's his very make up, his own body, that is making him lose interest in sex. In other words, the longer he is denied an orgasm, the longer his pleasure lasts. Men only feel sexual pleasure before they cum, not after.

Therefore, ladies, it's our duty to tease them and then deny them the release they only think they want. So the next time your husband, lover, submissive or what have you tells you he is about to cum... Stop him! I guarantee he will thank you for it later.

Have you ever wanted your husband (boyfriend or whatever) to be more attentive? More helpful around the house? Maybe you would like him to last longer during intercourse or just not lose interest before you are finished? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should pay close attention to this blog.

I created this blog to help women take control of their men and to turn them into better lovers, better, more attentive husbands (or boyfriends). If you read my posts and apply what you learn, you will be absolutely amazed at the results. I will even give a money-back guarantee! Okay, the information is free, but what have you got to lose? If you put into practice the things you will learn here, then I am sure you will gain a better, all around, relationship with your man.

I will dedicate sections of this blog to training, cock teasing, orgasm denial, and even male chastity. I will teach you how to create the perfect husband, to have fun with your submissive, and to create a cuckold husband (if that's what you want).

So give my methods a try and I am sure you will be writing me to tell me about your success and perhaps some new ideas that you have found with which to torment your man.

Mistress Ivey