Wednesday, July 26, 2017


I have always been curious about something. What challenges would men most like to have become reality and which would they prefer to keep only as fantasies?

Everywhere you look on the Internet, you see photos and stories about submissive (or chastised) men being subjected to all sorts of humiliating situations. I mean, you see it all the time in captioned photos, erotic stories are filled with humiliating situations such as, being naked or dressed as a French maid at a party full of women (and or men). Men being forced to commit homosexual acts, and even men being exposed in pubic.

I know how my own husband feels about most of these situations. After all, he loves humiliation of this kind. But what do YOU think about them. Do you only fantasize about be bound to a chair while watching your wife have wild sex with another man? Or is that something you would love to actually do? Would you want to be “forced” into joining in, maybe sucking his cock? Or would you prefer to suck this cum out of your wife's vagina?

Maybe, to you, simply having your wife (or Mistress) sit on the couch and instruct you how to masturbate for her is a only a fantasy. But would you like it to be real? Or would that be too much for you?

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Teasing Methods (pt-5)

So, by now you have a pretty good grasp of what Tease & Denial is all about. But there's more. Lots more, actually. However, this is the last in my “Teasing Methods” series. Here are a few ideas of things you can have him do when you want to be doing something else. That is, when you don't want to be bothered. Basically, these are things you can make him do by himself, so you don't have to.

So you are sitting at home, ready to watch your favorite TV show, or maybe a movie you have been waiting to see. In pops your partner wanting you to do something to tease him. Tell him to watch a porn video that will last until your show is over. Be sure you tell him NOT to ejaculate. Better yet, put him in chastity, at least for the time being. That way, you can be sure he won't have any unauthorized ejaculations.

You could try making him drop his pants right there in front of you. Have him masturbate while you watch your show. Or, if you are not that interested in the show, direct him. Tell him when to speed up and when to slow down, just to avoid that unwanted ejaculation. Yes, it requires a bit more involvement, but again, you don't have to direct him.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Teasing Methods (pt-4)

Okay, we have talked about many types of teasing so far, but we have not touched on what you can do when the two of you are not in the same room. In other words, while he is away. So let's do that now.

There will be plenty of opportunities to use the teases in this post. You don't have to send him to some far away place and make him spend several nights in a hotel room, just to do these little teases. In fact, you can use these while he is at work, or running errands for you, or anytime he is not physically with you. He could simply be in another room, for that matter.

Try sending him some sexy photos. It works best if he has a computer with him, but you can simply send them to his cell phone if you want. Have him make a special album (or folder if he is using his computer) to place all the photos you send him into. That way, he can always find them and there is less chance of someone else seeing them by accident.

These photos don't have to be of you. If you prefer not to open yourself up to that sort of thing, you can always send photos you find on the Internet. Use your favorite search engine and type in anything that will provide photos of whatever you want. You can get any kind, even animals mating, if that's what turns him on. Just a few of these photos along with your words of encouragement, can go a long way toward getting him all “hot and bothered.”

You can also send him some sexy texts. Tell him what you would like to do to him the next time you get him alone. This is also a good way to find out what really turns him on. He probably has fantasies of a nature he has been reluctant to tell you about. So try lots of different subjects to see how he reacts to them. Maybe he loves the idea of you dripping candle wax on his body. Or maybe he finds the thought of you being dressed in a skimpy pair of jean-shorts to be something that gets his penis all in an up-roar.

You can also have him perform tasks for you while he is away. Send him out to purchase a pair of ladies panties, a size that will fit him. Or maybe you would prefer to make buy some type of lingerie for you. The humiliation of going to a boutique to by sexy things for you can be a real thrill for him as well, and for you.

Maybe you send him to work with a small tube of lubricant and a butt-plug. Have him insert it while he is at work, or out shopping. Tell him to take a photo of the plug in place before he gets home. This type of humiliation is a common turn-on for many men. Maybe you can have him send you a photo of his hard penis while he is out of the house.

You send him a text link to a sexy story online with orders to read it before he leaves the office, or at least, before he gets home. If he is out shopping, have him read it on his phone before he is allowed back in the house.

Using a little imagination, you can come up with a myriad of thins he can do for you that will at least turn him on, if not yourself. Have as much fun with it as you can. It's the little things you have him do that can make all the difference in how much he relies on you for sexual stimulation. And that is what you want.

Mistress Ivey

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Teasing Methods (pt-3)

So far, we have covered a lot of ground. But there is a lot more to go, so pay attention! Here in part-3, I will give you some more basic ideas on how to get your guy on edge and keep him there.

Again, at least his hands should be bound so he cannot interfere with what you are doing. And, of course, a blindfold will help. It not only gets his imagination working over-time, but it also means you can wear that old pair of ratty jeans you are so comfortable wearing. After all, if he can't see you, what does it matter what you are wearing? He can imagine anything you tell him.

This time, try using a vibrator. It doesn't really make a great deal difference what type it is, but having a couple different ones on hand is a good idea. At least one should be of the “wand” style. You know, something that has to be plugged in or, at least, charged. You can find this type at most pharmacys and ANY sex shop. A small battery powered one is also a plus.

You can use a vibrator just about anywhere on his body. Try it on his penis, balls, anus, nipples, neck... you name it! Any of his erogenous zones should get a charge out of it. Tickling him with it can be a great deal of fun as well. Don't forget the bottoms of his feet.

Speaking of things that vibrate... Purchasing a small vibrating butt-plug is also a good idea. There are a number of uses for an item like that. Insert one. Turn it on. Then go ahead and tease whatever else you want to tease. It only adds to his pleasure (or should I say, torment?).

Have you ever tried a masturbation aid? There are many such items on the market. Some, like the “Fleshlight” can get quite expensive, but there are many cheaper items that work just as well. You can check them out here if you like. However, if you don't want him to ejaculate, I recommend using a desensitizing cream on his penis first. Otherwise, you are liable to ruin all your fun when you were just getting started.

I don't know about the rest of you, but sometimes I hate getting all that lubrication on my hands. But I found a great solution to that problem! Rubber gloves! Now, you are probably thinking about those Nitrile gloves like the hospitals use. No, no, no! What you want are dish-washing gloves. You can obtain them just about anywhere. They have raised ridges, bumps, or even a grid pattern that helps you pickup those slippery dishes. Well, those grippers can work wonders on the male body, especially the penis! And you can always make him clean them up when you are done.

Finally, try using a penis extender. You can obtain them wherever you buy your sex toys. If want to look at a few, here is a link to some for you. You might still want to use some desensitizing cream on his penis, but don't worry, he will stay hard while you ride him to as many orgasms as you want. And, of course, you can always make him wait until next time for his orgasm.

Mistress Ivey