Thursday, September 29, 2011

Staying Power

I have already talked about using numbing creams to keep your chastity boy from ejaculating when you want him inside you. But there are other ways of doing it. For example, you could spend months, or even years, training your boy to hold back while telling you each time he comes close so that you can stop (or pull off). But, as I said, that can take years of practice. Assuming you don't want to wait that long, I have a couple of other ideas you might like.

For example, you could run out to your local Ace Kink Center... uh, Hardware store and pick up a number of rubber O-rings to use as cock rings. Why buy more than one? Because you don't (yet) know which one will be the right size. I would recommend you purchase several sizes between 1-inch and 1 1/2-inch. Bigger or smaller if you need them. But I suspect one of these should work. They should come in 1/16th-inch increments so you can get the exact right size for your guy. Even if you buy five or six of them you'll probably spend less than a few dollars for the lot. You might even find an pack of assorted sizes for about $2.00us. So cost is not a factor here.

Here's what you do. Place one around the base of his cock only (NOT the cock and balls). If he is hard, it should be difficult to get it on. You can use lubrication to make it slip on a little easier, or you can roll it from the tip to the base. If you can catch his cock when it is flaccid (soft), you can get it on more easily. However, if you have chosen one that is too small, he will be in quite a bit of pain when he gets hard. You want a little pain, but not so much that he can't concentrate on the job at hand.

Here is a quote from a friend who wrote me about using O-rings:

“As far as the o-rings are concerned, there is a safety issue with just about everything we use on our slaves. Whether it's an o-ring on their cocks, a metal cock-ring, a whip or clamps. It really doesn't matter what it is, there can be problems. But I've found the rubber o-ring to be extremely safe, at least it can be cut off, the metal cock-rings can't. What a woman has to do is exactly what I told you. She has to find the proper size o-ring for his cock, firm but not tight while flaccid. Understanding that when he gets the erection the o-ring will be very tight and he will be in pain. But it will not harm him, and it will keep him rock hard for as long as you want. Expect him to claim his cock is about to be cut off by the o-ring, you know how they go on about CBT. Once he gets time to relax his cock will go down and you can easily remove it then. Just don't let him get you thinking it's unbearable and impossible to endure. After they get use to wearing the o-ring it will still be painful but it does get better for them, just a bit. We've been using o-rings for a while now and have found other uses for them as well.”

Using a rubber cock ring such as this can keep him hard for quite awhile, especially if you are bouncing up and down on him. He should be able to last quite a bit longer if you used the right size. If he still comes too soon, you may need a smaller O-ring. Be careful! Using a too small O-ring can cause him a great deal of pain and, if left in place too long, it can cause damage to the very thing you are trying to have fun with.

There is one other solution. You could try any of a number of Adjustable cock rings available for around $4.00us. One advantage to an adjustable cock ring is that it can be loosened and removed much more quickly than the aforementioned O-rings. You can practice adjusting the amount of pressure this type of cock ring puts on your guy's cock until you get it just right, all without having to remove it.

Some facts you should know about cock rings:
  • The results vary from person to person, so it may not work for you.
  • They can temporarily create more sensitive, intense and hard erections.
  • They can help to delay ejaculation.
  • They may temporarily make his cock larger (but it's only temporary).

Any of these solutions can be used by themselves or with the addition of a Desensitizing lube. The combination should prove to be quite effective!

Mistress Ivey

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