Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Creative Punishments

Punishment and discipline is another area in which many women do not feel comfortable when it comes to male chastity or Female Led Relationships (FLR). Many of the women I have interviewed seem to have one common theme when it comes to getting over this discomfort. If you will recall, I have touted (over and over again) that the main thing in keeping your partner's interest is almost constant teasing. Without it, it won't take long before he will lose interest in tease and denial, not to mention chastity.

So why do I bring this up now? After all, this is a post about punishment and disciplines. Because, if you can make punishment as much fun as everything else you do (sexually speaking) then neither of you should lose interest. Let's be honest for a moment. As drab and uneventful as most of our lives can be, sex is the one area in which so many of us look for fun. So, when your sub (partner, chastity-boy, or what have you) misbehaves, why does it have to be any different?

Many women turn to sexual denial when confronted with coming up with an appropriate punishment for their subs. However, a longer period of denial may actually be a reward for some men. Don't try to understand it, just accept it. So if you really want to punish him, why not make it fun? At least, fun for you!

Here is one method of punishment that works for me, along with a few variations to keep things interesting. Whenever my sub gets caught 'playing' with himself, such as masturbating without permission, I apply one of the following tricks to get him back on track, as it were. Take some hand lotion such as Lubriderm or Jergen's (even lubrication will work). Place a healthy amount in his hand and have him begin to masturbate for you. Once he has a nice hard penis, tell him to stop and hold out his hand (the one with all the lotion on it). Add a little lotion if you like then sprinkle a some coffee grounds on his, somewhat sticky, hand. Make sure to get some on his fingers as well as his palm. Have him continue his masturbation until you are satisfied that he has learned his lesson.

One modification that I often use is to sit on the bed (or even a chair) with my legs spread wide. I order him to sit on the edge of the bed (or chair) between my legs. Then I reach around him taking his balls in my left hand (I happen to be right-handed) and his cock in my right. I will stroke him slowly until he is sufficiently hard before adding the lotion and the coffee grounds. Now I have control of him and his erection. I can go fast or slow. Use lots of pressure or very little. It all depends on how I feel at the moment. This position puts him right where I can whisper in his ear.

Remember? I said it many times, talking during sex is very important. So I tell him what he has done wrong and how I expect him to improve in the future. I may even talk about some other (future) punishment I may use if I don't see an improvement. Something that I know will turn him on just thinking about it. Do I allow him an orgasm during his punishment? Don't be silly. Of course not.

If your guy gets excited by a little humiliation, try making him masturbate kneeling in front of you while you stand over him giving him step-by-step instructions. I usually hold a riding crop or paddle and I ALWAYS remain dressed. What I wear may vary depending on whether I want to give him a little visual excitement or not.

Well, there you go. I will post more in the near future, but in the mean time, I would love to hear from you, my readers. Send me an email or post a comment telling me what kind of punishments you use or are used on you, as the case may be. I would love to hear your ideas so that I can share them with all my readers.

Mistress Ivey

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