Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tease, Tease and Tease Some More

While I am on the subject, I want to talk a little more about teasing. Too many women agree to lock their partner in chastity and all too quickly forget about him. What I mean is, she enjoys all the little things he does for her, the attention he pays her, the chores he does without complaining, and even the orgasms he so willingly to gives her (after two or three weeks in chastity).

Shame on the woman who basically ignores her charge after locking him up. My point is, being a Mistress (or a KH) requires a great deal of work on her part. If you choose to ignore his needs after locking the chastity device in place, then things will quickly return to what they used to be. Him, always wanting sex, while she tires of his constant begging and pleading with her for more sex. Is that what you were expecting from chastity?

I hope not. You were hoping to make your relationship better, more fulfilling. Perhaps you wanted to get to know each other better. But if you don't give him the attention that you, very probably, expect from him, he will lose interest very fast. Yes, chastity works, as I have said before. But it is a two-way street. You only get as good as you give.

So what should you be doing? I mean, you don't want to give him an orgasm every week. But you also want him to be happy so that he will want to continue with this lifestyle. After all, when you first started out it worked very well. I have said it before and I will continue saying it until every woman whose partner is locked in chastity gets it, “Tease Him”! Be merciless! He wants to be teased. He wants to be denied. He wants YOU!

If you don't know his deepest, darkest fantasies, how in God's name do you expect to get him as aroused as he can possibly get without allowing him an orgasm? Let's say your partner's fantasy (whether he would want it to come true or not) involves being forced to suck another man's cock. What you do the next time you find yourself in bed with him (both of you naked) is talk about making him do just that. Tell him how you know it's one of his fantasies and that you would love to see him do it. Especially at your command. Tell him that you will try to come up with a plan to make it come true. Tell him it turns you on thinking about it. Describe it in detail. Tell him how big the cock you have in mind is, how long, how big around. Tell him how you would want to masturbate while watching him do it, how much his humiliation would excite you and get you all wet down there. (If necessary, you can tell him that you know it's only a fantasy.)

Believe me, not only will his cock get hard (as hard as possible in his cage), but he will enjoy every minute of it. Just knowing his fantasies (especially the ones he wants to come true) can be such a great tool for you to use when you want to tease and deny him. After all, denial is nothing without the tease first! Talking about any of his fantasies in detail just might make him want to orally please you while you talk. Or after. So don't ignore those needs and desires your partner has, instead, use them to your advantage. Remember, his mind (his libido to be precise), is the single most powerful weapon in your arsenal.

You don't have to remove his chastity device to tease him. You don't even have to touch him! However, should you want to remove his cage, you still don't have to allow him to ejaculate. Tease him using his fantasies while you play with his cock. Don't let him cum! Just play with him. Play as long as you like. I guarantee he will give you all the attention you want (any kind of attention)! If you only tease him often enough. Two or three long sessions per week should do it. The more often you do it, the faster he will recover from a full orgasm and the more attentive he will be.

If you don't know his fantasies and just can't get him to open up, try reading a few fantasies (stories) online and see which of them turn him on the most. Then use those types of fantasies when you tease him. It may surprise you just what will turn him on, so don't be shy. His fantasy may not interest you at all, but that's okay. You don't have to get turned on by his fantasies, but you want him turned on, so use them!

Edging him (getting close to orgasm but denying it) is one of the best ways of teasing a man there is. So while your telling him these fantasies, edge him. Don't forget to take nice long (at least one minute) breaks every time you stop his orgasm. Think of it as fun, because it is!

So, by all means, tease him, deny him, and then tease him some more. Doing this can restore his attentive behavior after a full orgasm much faster than ignoring him sexually. You might reduce weeks to days, or days to one single day. Wouldn't that be great? Don't be lazy now. Give it a try!

Mistress Ivey

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