Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chastity Works!

I recently received a letter from one of my readers (Karen) that reinforced my belief that male chastity works when applied properly. Although, it is my belief, that chastity is mostly a psychological thing. Especially since most of the chastity devices are so easily defeated. The weak point being the lock itself. After all, cutting the lock is not that difficult, and if the device is made of plastic, well you figure it out. Most men in chastity, whether an actual device is used or simply the honor system, want to be in chastity. Why else would so many beg their wives to lock them up?

The nice letter I received actually included some statistics concerning things like, behavior of her husband, communications, and her own ability to “open up” to her husband. I have been writing this blog for about a year now, and the one thing that I have tried to get across to my readers is that you can actually improve your relationship with your husband (partner) when you apply the things I teach. It's always nice to receive validation.

As I have always said, you don't need to be a leather-clad, whip-carrying, high-heeled “Bitch” in order to take control of your partner and improve your sex life as well as your relationship. As a female in charge of your relationship, if what you need is more intimacy, you can get it. No one says that every sexual encounter with your partner has to include any BDSM activities. If you want more closeness, more warm, loving cuddling, you can have it. And your partner will be more than willing to give it to you.

According to Karen (who kept excellent records), her husband is the most cooperative during the third and forth weeks of chastity than he is during the first two. In fact, she says he has never received ANY demerits during the forth week. Hmm. This only validates what I have said before, a man will NOT be particularly attentive or cooperative right after he has a full orgasm. In fact, according to Karen (who uses a demerit system), her husband receives 78% of his demerits during the first week after release. 93% during the first two weeks. That means that, in her case, a man takes some time to “recover” from an orgasm. Not exactly news to those of us who have experienced it.

Basically, what all this means is that chastity works. If you unlock your partner once a week and give him a full orgasm, you may never have the attention and the cooperation that those of us who keep him locked for a month or more experience. Check the poll I have been running for the last few days. Men want to be locked up for a significant length of time. They know, the longer they have to wait, the better they feel, and the more they will enjoy the release.

Now, what about communication between the two of you? Chastity can help you to pry your partner open. That is, he will be much more willing to share his innermost thoughts and desires when he is locked in chastity. As you may know, when your partner opens up to you, it makes it a great deal easier for you to open up to him (and, perhaps yourself). Opening up communication between you and your partner is always a good thing. It can rekindle the romance you once had. It can improve your day-to-day attitude towards each other.

If you, as a “normal” woman (or even house wife), approach male chastity with an open mind, you may be surprised at the results. If your man has been hinting (or pushing, prodding, or even begging) you to try it, I recommend you take him up on it. Give it a fair trial. Perhaps two or three months, with longer and longer periods of chastity. That way, you can see for yourself how well it works. Who knows, you might just enjoy teasing him.

So in conclusion, I say, lock him up, tease him often, and don't let him out too often. Once a month should do it... (If he's earned it.)

Mistress Ivey

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