Monday, November 27, 2017

My Next Book

I am posting this since I need YOUR help in writing my next book. It is going to be a book about what different women do to sexually tease their partners. I want to hear from those of you who have found a special way of teasing or denying your partner. I want to know what works for you and, perhaps, how you found that particular method.

My next book will contain information gathered from you, the people out there practicing sexual control over their partner. Do you use chastity? If so, how did you get your partner to wear a chastity device? Was the idea yours or his? Does your wife have a special way of teasing you that drives you insane? What does she make you do in order to earn an orgasm?

Do you use some special milking technique? Or, perhaps you have found a very effective way of controlling when he gets to have an orgasm, and what type you allow him to have. I want to know what works for you. In what ways do you use humiliation? Punishment? Discipline? And do you use rewards?

This next book will be mostly written by those of you who are brave enough to write and tell me about it. Don't worry, your name, along with any other identifying information, will be changed to safeguard your identity. Please, take a few minutes to write me and let me know what works for you and your partner. More information may be obtained on this page. Or email your ideas to:

Thank you,

Mistress Ivey

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