Wednesday, November 8, 2017

More on Milking

Last time, we discussed some of the reasons for milking your partner's prostate, and why you should NOT pay any attention to what the Internet says you should do. It's time we got down to business. Let's discuss the mechanics of prostate milking, just for the record, and to make sure you are doing it right.

If you look at the photo on the right, you will see what you have to do. Your finger may need to be a little further in than the photo would make you believe, but you don't want to push it in too far, either. You should be able to feel his prostate. If it is enlarged, a common malady in older men, barring any serious health issues, it makes no real difference. All you need to do is to rub your finger up and down the prostate to stimulate semen flow.

There are number of positions that you might want to use. If you can place him on his knees with his head down, this is probably the easiest method. Doctors often do it with the patient standing, slightly bent over at the waist. Use whatever position is easiest for you. Be especially careful not to push your finger(s) in too far. Although this still might work, you will most likely be pressing behind the prostate instead of directly on it.

Don't be in too big a rush. This can take time, especially when you are just learning to do it. I have spent as much as twenty minutes massaging a prostate before getting any fluid out. The more you practice on the same person, the easier it will become. With practice, you will eventually be able to achieve your goal within a few minutes.

We have discussed the some of the basics of prostate milking, including what you can expect to see. But, again, I must warn you, DO NOT believe what you see or read on the Internet about prostate milking (especially porn videos!). If you stroke your partner's penis while attempting to milk his prostate, chances are he is going to have a full orgasm instead of the actual prostate ejaculation you were wanting.

Even if all you do is to hold his penis gently in your hand, it may be too much stimulation, and can cause him to have a full ejaculation. If your man is in chastity, I recommend leaving the chastity device in place so you won't be tempted to fondle the wrong part of his body while doing this. What you are trying to achieve, can be done even if your guy is wearing a chastity device of any kind. In fact, this is one way many women “relieve” their man without having to allow him any kind of “normal” ejaculation.

If you are concerned about what might happen if your husband (or partner) never gets to have an orgasm, prostate milking is an excellent way to get around this. Doctors agree, though there is no hard evidence that abstinence causes any kind of health risk, prostate milking is an excellent way around this. By milking his prostate, you give him relief (physically) that will prevent any prostate cancer or other related health risks caused by abstinence.

Like anything else, practice makes perfect. Or, as they say, the best way to get to Carnegie Hall is practice, practice, practice. Although prostate milking relieves his bodies physical need to ejaculate, it does nothing for his desire for sexual release. That is, none of the after orgasm drop, or inability to achieve an erection.

So if you feel the need to allow your guy to have some sort of orgasm in order to prevent any health risks, I recommend prostate milking. Coupled with anal sex, it can be fun for both partners. If done alone, as a means of humiliation, or just testing his reproductive system, prostate milking can be fun for the both or you. Try it. You just might like it.

Mistress Ivey


  1. I wear a chastity device and we are into tease and denial, and denial keeps me submissive. I’m a man’s man and I even hunt and fish, so who’d figure I’d like this. My wife and I have actually discussed me being denied the old fashioned orgasms I get once in a great while, and have only milkings. It would be something we’d try for a year, with frequent prostate milkings. I guess it would be a way for me to join the one year club and not worry about prostate problems. We both can’t believe we’ve talked about this, which makes me somewhat nervous. I guess chastity play can grow on a couple.

    1. Sounds like a plan to me! It also sounds as if you will be getting more attention (sexually) which is good for both of you. It would be nice to see periodic updates... Perhaps, monthly?

    2. Mistress Ivey,
      Thanks for responding. Yes. If we decided to do this, which I believe we will, it will start in January 2018. My wife has told me that I will have to formally ask her to deny me. Starting in January will give us an opportunity to work out some details. I also have a checkup coming up at my doctors and part of that is a prostate exam and blood testing.

  2. Thank you for this informative post! While I'm still learning the basics, I've had some success in the recent past! Hope to read more from you!

  3. Thank you for this post. My guy is in a chastity device and as you say, milking is a great way to keep him healthy without him ever having to ejaculate. I milk him a couple of times a month, he gets on his hands and knees, head down, and we're done in about 15 minutes. I always stay dressed and wear latex gloves. What's cool is that after more than a year of milking, he still has the desire for full release, it never goes away.