Thursday, October 30, 2014

Why Become A Mistress?

Because it can be so much fun! That's why.
I have written several books and heaven knows how many blog posts about how and why you should tease your man. But it seems like everything is about him when in fact, the reason for becoming a Mistress is to have someone cater to your own needs, wants and desires. After all, isn't that what this is all supposed to be about?
If taking control and setting up an FLR is supposed to be all about the woman's needs and desires, why do I spend so much time talking about what she should be doing for him? Isn't it obvious? I can think of only one reason... To keep him sexually aroused so that he will WANT to do everything he can for her.
But if she has to work this hard at it, isn't that sort of self defeating? If by that you mean that she should have to do nothing and he should do everything, then it won't work. Both partners MUST get something out of the relationship, and in order to do that, both must put something INTO the relationship. Tit for tat (pun intended). The great part about it is, the woman, YOU, should be getting a great deal more than you are putting into it. How is that fair? I didn't say was.
Here is how it really works... You are in charge! In charge of him. In charge of everything. You get a servant (sub, slave, whatever) to do all those things you don't want to do. To get that, you have to keep him sexually aroused and focused on you. That's it. The big bonus for you is the feelings that only come from having that much power and control at your fingertips.
Let's face it, Ladies, don't you get a little charge every time you give him an order and he complies? Especially if you have just ordered him to do something humiliating that he would never do without you “making” him do it? Then there is the powerful feelings when you ruin or completely deny him the orgasm he has been begging for for the last two months! The look on his face when his ejaculate dribbles out of his cock after a long tease session is priceless. The fact that he hasn't had an orgasm in two or even three months just adds to the joy.
Yes, you spend some time keeping him horny by teasing his cock, telling him what to do, making sure he is doing everything you want, and then, of course, having to punish him when he doesn't. But, there again, there is that feeling of power and control. Isn't it wonderful?
I feel sorry for those women who look at all the sexual attention they give their partner as a chore. It's not a chore, it's an opportunity to have fun... At HIS expense.

Mistress Ivey

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