Thursday, October 2, 2014

Captioned Photos

No, this post does NOT contain a bunch of captioned photos. Sorry. This post is my way of teaching you how to find ideas of things you can do with your guy (sexually). So many women (and men as well) ask me for ideas of things they can do to tease their men. It's really simple. Do what I do...
Use your favorite search engine's image finder. Type in a subject such as “Male Chastity Captions” or “Femdom Humiliation Captions” and see what you get. Simply be reading some of these captions, you can get great ideas of ways in which to tease your partner.
Take the captioned photo accompanying this post, for example. It should tell you that he wants to be teased by you. He wants you to dangle that “orgasm” carrot in front of him, but in the end, he wants you to deny him that orgasm.
Other captions will give you ideas about dressing (or undressing) in ways designed to turn him on. What you say to him at such times can be even more productive. For example, ask him if he would like to masturbate while watching you undress. Then tell him that you don't think he has spent enough time in chastity. Or ask him what he would be able to give you in return.
Another approach, is to taunt him with things to come. That is, tell him that you have been thinking of teaching him how to suck a cock. That should get his attention. If he protests, push the issue. After all, he did ask you to take control, to do whatever you want. He put you in charge, so use that. Remember, you are teasing him! You can tell him anything, especially if it arouses him. Experiment with it. That's the best way to learn what turns him on.
Maybe you want to take a different approach. Tell him you have been reading about what it takes to make him grow breasts. That you want to try it. Maybe you want to turn him into a transvestite (or make him think you do).
Remember, not all teasing is physical. By attacking his psyche, you can get him aroused in many more ways without so much physical action on your part. In other words, you won't have to tire yourself out.
Bringing in another woman (or threatening to) can be a big turn on as well. Threaten to loan him out to someone he doesn't know. Humiliation, even if only threatened, can be a BIG turn on for many men.
You have an imagination. Use it! If you need help, search the captioned photos out there and get some ideas. It works for me. I am sure it will work for you.
Mistress Ivey

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