Friday, October 17, 2014

Is Coercion Necessary?

What I mean by that is, does the average woman who wants to take control of her man need to coerce him? I guess that depends on the man. There have always been men who enjoyed being submissive to women. Professional Dominatrices have been around a long time. I have heard about men going to these women as far back as the Fifties, but I am sure it goes much further back than that. Mark Anthony for example. Here is a solder, a leader of men who fell so madly in love with Cleopatra that he would have done anything for her.
It is my opinion, that if most (not all) wives were to bring up the subject in the proper manner, their husbands would jump at the opportunity to be submissive. I do know a few women, married to “Alpha” males who had to practically force their husbands into chastity for one reason or another. Most of them are living quite happily since making the change. And so are their husbands.
But, no. I don't think most women would need to coerce a man to become submissive and live a happy, healthy lifestyle in an female led (driven?) relationship. Even though I do teach women how to “take charge” and how to use corporal punishment and/or chastity as a means of controlling their husbands, in most of these cases it has been the husband who first brought the idea to the relationship.
The main reason why I come off sounding like someone who thinks all men should be paddled or shackled in chastity, is because, even those men who want this lifestyle, have difficulty letting go of the reins. They want their wives to dominate them, to take charge, but they can't help trying to tell them how to do everything. They can't help it. They were brought up in a world where men were expected to be in control of the family unit. Letting go and turning everything over to his wife, is not that easy for him.
I guess what I am trying to say is, if your guy wants this kind of life and you are willing to “give it a try,” then be prepared for him to “top from the bottom” as they say. He will still try to tell you that you shouldn't buy a red car because the police are more likely to stop you for speeding than they are if you are driving a green car. Whether that's true or not, you have to remind him that he doesn't make those decisions anymore. He wanted you to do that. If he can't seem to remember that, then you may need a paddle to remind him. That's all I am saying.
Reward good behavior... Punish bad behavior.

Mistress Ivey

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