Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Do I Have To?

You may ask yourself, do I have to spank my guy or tie him up to have sex with him? The answer is a resounding, “NO!” You don't have to do anything. However, if you don't do anything, how will he know you are in charge?

Simply put, being in charge means that you make the decisions. You know what you want, and you are not afraid to say it. Whether we are talking about buying a new car or choosing a movie to watch, you know what you like. Maybe it isn't his favorite color, or he hates this actor or that subject, but who cares? The decision is yours to make. If you want to ask for his opinion, there is nothing wrong with that, as long you realize that you are not obligated to do so, nor are you obligated to go with his desires.

Do you have to engage in tease and denial? Do you have to include corporal punishment? Do you have to ask him when he wants to have sex? Or if he wants to be on top? The answer to all these questions is, again, “NO!”

Friday, August 28, 2015

FLR Training Classes

I am proud to announce that, beginning in September, 2015, I will be teaming up with “Queenie” over at ConquerHim.com to help train women who want to setup or improve their Female Led Relationship. In the beginning, I will be monitoring her FLR Training Class as a student, as well as being a Guest Speaker for one of the classes. If you have been struggling with an FLR of your own, or you want to start one up with your husband, why don't you join me? It will be fun.

I am very excited about this opportunity to help Queenie teach other women how to become more dominant and to take charge of their Female Led Relationship.

Students will learn:
  • How to harness your feminine power
  • How to create protocols in your Female Led Relationship
  • How to correct rebellious submissive men
  • How to design your role in your Female Led Relationship
  • What power exchange means in a Female Led Relationship
  • How to understand your dominance style
  • How to become more confident as a dominant woman
  • How to stop being so nice all of the time
  • How to use your sexuality to motivate men

Finally! There is a training program that is not only for women, but that can really help you to make the most of your relationship. I would encourage all women whose husbands have been pushing them to become their Mistress or Goddess, to take this course. You will meet other women who have done it and some who, just like you, are learning to how.

All it takes is the courage to make the decision to invest in your future. If you want a better relationship, and you or your partner want you to be in charge, then you owe it to yourself to get the help you need to do it right. Sign up today!

Mistress Ivey

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

To Be Mean or Not To Be Mean?

That is the question when it comes to a typical FLR (Female Led Relationship). But there is another question involved here, and that is: What do you mean by “Be Mean?”
There are two completely different meanings to the the term “Be Mean.” The first, and most obvious, is to act like a “Bitch” toward your partner. You know, paddle him a lot just because you can, and order him around as if he doesn't really matter in the great scheme of things. And there is the other meaning... To do things to him that he will enjoy (for one reason or another), but that only “seem” to be mean.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Another Great Site

I had a very interesting discussion recently with a group of women. It was led by a woman who runs a Female Led Relationship Training program for women who want to create loving, Female Led Relationships but are having a hard time figuring out how to make things work. Her name is “Queenie” and she runs a website called ConquerHim, (http://conquerhim.com/)

She invited me to be a guest speaker during her most recent FLR Training Class and I spoke via web conference call with the students. We spent a little over an hour discussing many aspects of Female Led relationships. I answered as many questions as I could, in the time allotted, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. You can read about the discussion on Conquer Him at http://conquerhim.com/flr-training-for-women-beginning-week-4/.

If you are interested in learning more about structuring your FLR and refining your dominance, I highly recommend looking into taking Queenie's training course Becoming a Goddess in a Female Led Relationship. (http://conquerhim.com/female-led-relationship-training/)

Becoming a Goddess is a group training program where you will enjoy interacting with other women from around the world who want to develop their dominance and gain understanding about the dynamics behind creating loving, Female Led Relationships.

The training program is for women only and it lasts four weeks. It includes weekly LIVE discussions such as the one I participated in recently. Access to an online FLR Academy and a private Facebook group for daily discussions and support.

Becoming A Goddess does not tell you how to design your Female Led Relationship, but it does educate you on the many options for creating your ideal relationship and offers the support you need to make the best choices for yourself.

Mistress Ivey

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Getting Over Shyness

I get so many letters from women, most of whom are just starting some kind of Female Led Relationship (FLR), asking how to overcome their shyness. Maybe they have been asked to use a certain amount of verbal humiliation or, perhaps, they are not comfortable “talking” during their tease sessions. I personally went through a period of this kind of shyness when I was starting out so many years ago.
It can be difficult knowing what to say, especially if your partner wants you to humiliate him in some way. Perhaps he wants you to tell him how tiny his cock is, or what a poor excuse of a man he is for some reason. Or, maybe he just wants you to talk “dirty” to him while you are physically teasing him.
The solution to this problem is simple. Don't fret or worry about your “performance.” If you force yourself to do and/or say the kinds of things he wants, it will eventually become second nature and you will look back and wonder what all the fuss was about. You will learn to do it. It's like learning to ride a bicycle. It may take a few days or so for you to get comfortable with it, but eventually you will be good at it.
The worst thing you can do is worry about it. Stop worrying and just do it. Remember, this is the man with whom you have shared your deepest feelings. The man you let into the bathroom when you are peeing. The man who sees you naked every day. So why is it so hard to say a few negative or sexual things to him when you know he wants you to?
If it helps, you can try practicing in front of a mirror. A full length mirror works well. Or, if you want, you can imagine that you are playing a part, acting, in other words. You can think of this as simply a part in a play of sorts. Put simply, your fear is all in your head. You simply need to become comfortable with your role as Mistress (or whatever) and you will do fine.
All you really need is the right attitude. Take a lesson from the woman in the picture at the right. Does she look like she has a problem being in charge? If you look the part, you will feel the part. And practice makes perfect!
Mistress Ivey