Monday, September 29, 2014

The True Femdom

I have read a great deal of late concerning Femdom and BDSM as it relates to chastity and the average couple. I would like to take a step back and help you to understand how what I profess is different than what you see on most of the Internet and TV or even in the movies.
I had a friend ask me if I thought HBO, Showtime, or Max would ever do a show about Femdom. My answer was “yes and no” simply because of they way they do it. Companies like these only want to incorporate things like chastity or Femdom if they can appeal to the desires of the masses. By that I mean, they want the sensational not the mundane. So would they do a show about Femdom or Female Led Relationships? Yes, but would they show these things as they truly are or would they only show the preconceived notions that already exist.
For example, sitting in a restaurant, looking at the other patrons, it's fun to wonder which might be in a Femdom or FL relationship. For example, is that guy over there in the suit wearing a butt-plug his wife inserted before they left the house? What about the fellow over there? Is he eating what his wife ordered for him even though it may not be what he wanted? Those are the people living a Femdom relationship. You may not be able to tell them from any other couple on the street, but they are there.
If you watch their behavior long enough, you might get a clue or two. He might open doors for his wife, or pull out her chair, or even stand when she gets up from the table. He might open her car door before walking to the other side to drive. You might hear him say, “yes, Ma'am” several times during their conversation. Yes, a great deal of things might be indicators, or they might simply be a sign of good manners. It's hard to tell. But that is my point.
Just because the woman is not dressed in a leather corset with fishnet stockings, high heels, or carrying a riding crop, does not mean they are not into BDSM, Femdom, or FLR at some level. You can't judge a couple by what you see, or don't see. But just because you are into these sorts of things, does not mean that you have to flaunt it. In fact, I don't see why a woman in an FLR or who considers herself a Femdom, would ever have to dress up like that.
So don't be put off of male chastity, or FLR's or even BDSM simply because of what you see on the internet, or HBO. Do what you are comfortable with and disregard the rest.
Mistress Ivey

Friday, September 26, 2014

Ruining Orgasms

I have said, time and again, a ruined orgasm is a joy to behold. But I still get questions concerning how it is done, what it looks like, and how to know if it was ruined or not. So, let's start at the beginning...
Your first indication that your partner's orgasm was ruined will be the disappointment he exhibits. He may strain and try his best to make it feel like a real orgasm, but he will fail. His ejaculate will simply dribble out (as in the photo on the right) and he will not feel the usual thrust he gets on that that first “blast” or two. Instead, though try as he may, he will not get that satisfying feeling he is used to. On the upside, because he has not been satisfied, he will not want to stop.
At this point, since he is still aroused, he will be willing to do just about anything for you in order to achieve that satisfied feeling. He will be willing to do things that, normally after an orgasm, he would not want to do. You see, since he has not been sexually satisfied, he will still feel all the same urges he felt BEFORE the ruined orgasm. So now would be a good time to have him lick up, or drink his ejaculate. After all, he is still sexually excited and wants you to give him another chance.
The key to ruining any orgasm is to stop all stimulation at the last possible moment. Don't be afraid to experiment with this. It may take you several tries to get it right. But if you stop too soon, you have not lost anything, you have only managed to edge him. He will enjoy that, too. Give him a chance rest, maybe twenty seconds or so, and start again. It's the build up that gives him the most pleasure, so don't be afraid to make it last as long as you like.
The idea is for the both of you to have fun with it. If it becomes a chore for you, then you need to look for new and different ways of teasing his penis in order to reach the desired level of arousal. Try to come up with something new every time you do it. After all, variety is the spice of kink.

Mistress Ivey

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hose Him!

Here is an idea a came across the other day. Have you ever used a nylon (or even silk) stocking to tease your man? I don't mean wearing a pair of them. I mean using it to tease and torment him with the intention of denying his orgasm!
If you want to do it right, you start off with a brand new (never been worn) stocking. No, pantyhose just wont do the trick. You need a single stocking. Color does not matter, neither does the size. So you can run into your favorite store and pick up any cheap pair of stockings for this. Old, or already worn, stockings will work, but you won't get the same effect a brand new stocking can give you. You want that “flat” out of the package feel.
Strap your guy down (at least bind his hands) and simply drag the stocking over his body. Drag it over his chest, his stomach, his face, and even his legs, before you venture into his most sensitive areas. Dragging it over his penis and balls, will drive him absolutely crazy with erotic desire. And that is, of course, your maid goal. There are very few men who will be able to ejaculate with such light stimulation. But if you are afraid your guy will, then don't drag it over his crotch very often.
If you do this for over fifteen minutes, chances are, you will have him begging you to touch with something less soft. That is, he will want you to use your hand, a heavy sock, or SOMETHING to give him more stimulation. But the longer you hold out, the more fun you will have watching him squirm and writhe while he begs for more.
Mistress Ivey

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Speaking of Male Chastity

I apologize for not being on-line or posting recently. Our son has been going through a rough patch with his epilepsy this past week. It is not over yet, but we hope it soon will be. In the mean time, here is something to think about...

I got to thinking about male chastity the other day while watching a news show on TV. A thought occurred to me... What if all men were placed in chastity on the day they enter puberty? How would that change the world?

First of all, there would be no more “rape” in the usual manner. Oh, I know that there is more than one way to rape a woman, or a man for that matter. But it would certainly cut down on the usual kind of rape. Wouldn't it?

There would be no more teen pregnancies, willing girl or not. Teaching sex education in the schools would also not be a problem anymore. Who would object? I mean when they know their kids won't be having sex anyway, why would they object?

The parents would hold the keys until the boy (man?) was married off. Then, of course, his bride would get the keys on her wedding day. Now wouldn't that make the world look a bit different? We might even see men being led down the street on leashes... Attached to their chastity cages? Women of all walks of life would begin to see how much better their life could be if they locked their men in chastity from the start. Perhaps it would make a good story-line for a work of fiction?

Hmmm... Oh well, maybe some day.

Mistress Ivey

Friday, August 29, 2014

SPH Continued

As I mentioned in my last post on this subject, you MUST first make sure your partner knows that you love him no matter what. The size of his penis is NOT really important to you. Failure to make him understand that could be devastating to his ego. We want to humiliate him, NOT destroy him!
If this is something that you want to continue, then you should find yourself a good, large, strap-on dildo. Silicone is the best material because it can be boiled as well as placed in your dishwasher to keep it clean. It is relatively soft and very flexible.
You can use the strap-on to show your partner what a large cock looks like and then make him suck it so that he sees just how much a huge cock takes to suck. Tell him you are training him to become your cock-sucking little bitch and that you will eventually have him sucking off your lovers when you cuckold him. Of course, whether you actually cuckold him or not is up to you. Or you can tell him that you are planning to have some of your girlfriends bring their husbands over for some Femdom fun and that he needs to know how to suck cock in case you decide to make him do it.
Using his fantasies in this manner will not only stimulate his imagination, it will humiliate him as well. Again, you may never actually follow through with your threat, but he won't know that. He will always be wondering when you might make him put a real cock in his mouth, or his ass for that matter.
Use your imagination to find ways to humiliate him. Always talk to his as if he doesn't really measure up. These are things that keep him in the right mindset. You can even make him refer to his own cock as tiny, insignificant, worthless or some other demeaning words when talking about it.
The more people you actually involve in his humiliation, just telling someone (even a perfect stranger) about his tiny cock, the more humiliated he will be. Better yet, make him tell them how tiny and useless it is.
I hope these two posts on small penis humiliation have help those of you who are interested.
Mistress Ivey

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


If your husband has a small penis, chances are, at least at one point in your life, that didn't matter to you. This is important only because what I am about to tell you could be taken as a devastating blow to his ego (and possibly to your relationship)or it could be his fantasy come true.
If you truly love your husband, but he happens to have a small penis, or you just want to humiliate him even though it may be average sized, you must first make sure he understands that you love him. Make him understand that the size of penis is really something that does not matter to you. Make him understand that you love him just the way he is, no matter what size his penis may be.
Once you have established that, warn him that you may make remarks about the size of his penis and that those remarks are not meant to hurt him, only to remind him of his place. They are meant to humiliate him and make him realize that he is totally YOURS!
Now, how you use his small penis from that point on is up to you. You can tell him that he should understand that his tiny little winker could never possibly satisfy a real woman. Tell him that you may, someday, demonstrate how a “real man's” penis is used to satisfy her.
If you are not planning to cuckold him, then you need to find other ways of humiliating him. Try this... Get yourself a life-like cock style dildo. Make it as big as you think you can handle. Use it in front of him, or have him use it on you himself. Remind him that it takes a cock that big to really satisfy you and ask if he now understands why his little pee-pee must remain in chastity.
Another way of demonstrating the difference between a tiny cocklet like his and a real man's cock is to get a small dildo to go along with the huge one you bought. Put him on his knees and carefully insert the big dildo in his ass. (Don't forget to use plenty of lubrication and take it slow.) Once you have it in him, slowly fuck him with it by pushing it in and out for a few minutes (the longer the better).
Once his is used to having this huge cock in his ass, remove it and replace it with the small one. Ask him if he can feel the difference. Of course he can. Tell him that when he fucks you with his tiny little dicklet it does nothing for you. What you need is a huge cock like the first one he had in his ass. Can you see the humiliation in his eyes?
Of course, you can always have him masturbate for you and make fun of his while he does it. Tell him that you just don't see how he gets any pleasure from such a small dicky, and don't forget to point out that his balls are like marbles or the size of a little boy's balls. All of these things will serve to humiliate him.
If you have advanced enough to have confided in a friend (or maybe you belong to some BDSM group) you can invite another woman to join you in teasing and humiliating him. I'll give you some ideas on that in my next post.
Mistress Ivey
P.S. Just so you know, SPH stand for “Small Penis Husband,” or “Small Penis Humiliation.”