Tuesday, May 17, 2016


No, I am not going to break out into song. You're welcome. However, I am going to talk about feelings. Everyone has them. But it amazes me how many people can't seem to express them. Especially when it counts the most... to their spouse. Admit it. You have feeling that you are either afraid to express, or afraid of what your spouse will think of you if you do express them.

Well, I am here to tell you that keeping things bottled up is NEVER a good thing. Have you ever wanted your husband to understand certain feelings that you have, maybe toward sex, but you just could not seem to express them in a way that would be non-threatening? Or maybe there was something that you wanted to do that you thought (or were taught) would be considered too “kinky” for him?

Well, I am here to tell you that your husband has some of those same feelings. In fact, he is so afraid to tell you because, well, it's just not “manly” to have those kinds of feelings. Men, you know what I am talking about. I have a quote from a woman I respect for her work in the area of female led relationships. Tell me, gentlemen, that this does not strike home.

These feelings you have had for years. you want to be dominated, controlled, and told what to do and when. you feel like you have to have this. you want to serve a strong, caring, loving, consistent, firm, dominant person. You will obey, serve, and please. Not out of fear, but because it's what you crave to do, you live for it. Living by set rules and expectations is not only what you desire and crave, it just seems right.

you think these feelings are strange, you are afraid to tell anyone. you keep it to yourself. you think you are the only one like this. you also think people will believe you weak or unintelligent. Let Me tell you, you are not alone. More men have these feelings and will admit it than you know. It is very natural. Also you are probably driven, educated, strong. you don't want to lead. you want to give yourself over to the Mistress in your life.”

If this is you, and you have no one in your life to tell this to, then you need to check out “Ivey's Keys” for yourself. You might just be surprised by what you find there. And Ladies, if your husband has indicated that he has these feelings and you just don't know how to handle it, You should join him. Or maybe you want to learn more about how to handle those feelings you know that he has. Again, join us at “Iveys' Keys” and learn what you need to know to live a happier, more fulfilling life with him.

Mistress Ivey

Saturday, May 7, 2016

The New Site

Things are getting better every day. We have added some new games and an Instant Chat service to the website.

This is turning out to be great place to learn more about being good Dominant house wife. It also teaches your submissive how to follow directions. Things are moving in the right direction. Married couples, single subs (both male and female), and all the Keyholders are really enjoying what we do here. 

We love chastity and chastity control, orgasm control, tease and denial. Our Keyholder (Mistresses) are there to help you and your submissive to get the most out of your relationship. He may be your "sweetheart" but sometimes he needs a spanking to remind him who is in charge (and because he probably likes it). So give a us a chance. Come and see what we are all about. It is well worth the price of admission. Besides, FetLife might be fine for some, but they don't have the games and the FUN that Mistress Ivey's place has!

Come and check us out! Everyone is friendly and we would love to have you join us. Just click the link below the banner. Or Click Here


Mistress Ivey

Thursday, April 21, 2016

An Addendum

Yes, we have moved! But we have upgraded the New Website as well.

We now accept BOTH male and Female submissives and Keyholders!

When we first began this project, it was just a concept to bring male subs  and female dominants

together. But with a little tweaking her and there, we were able to adapt everything to hand female subs and male dominants as well.

Now we truly have a website for just about everyone who is into D/s relationships but has not (yet) found the right counterpart to their particular desires. So if you are into D/s and want to put a little more spice into your life, or just need someone to be a yang to your yeng, we can help!

Everyone is invited! Join us and have fun even if you are deep into a healthy D/s relationship of your own. You can BOTH join and have a lifetime of fun together!

Mistress Ivey

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

We Are Moving!

We are moving this blog to another website. I know what an inconvenience that will be for many of you. I will try to get a feed going as soon as possible so that you won't miss anything, if you get my posts through a feed.

As for the New Website, it serves a dual purpose: 1) To contain my blog with a better interface and more to do; and 2) To allow me to run the other part of my site without having to keep switching back and forth.

So... “What is the other side of your new website?” you ask. It is a Member's Only website created by nemo. It is a website for submissives, wives, Keyholders, and Mistresses to have some fun. For men, we will provide a “Keyholding” service for those who don't have anyone else to control things like, orgasms, chastity, behavior, etc.

We will be providing a place for women to come and learn the ropes, ask questions, and get answers. They can even turn their submissive partners over to us so they can get a little R&R as it were. We will give you the chance to relax while we “steer the boat” for awhile.

We NEED Keyholders as well! If you are experienced, or just want to learn how to do it, we invite you to join us in the “Keyholder's Group” where you can learn some tricks, earn some cash, and have some fun while doing it.

This will be the last post on this blog site.

The new site is located athttp;//iveyspage.com (Ivey's Keys) At least come a check us out.

Mistress Ivey