Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Post Orgasm Torture

I have a complaint... I have searched many video sites for a decent (accurately portrayed) video of Post Orgasm Torture (POT), but it seems the video “tubes” out there don't really understand it. So...

Once again I find myself trying to accurately describe something without a decent video to make it all clear. First of all, stroking your partner's penis after he has ejaculated, is NOT POT! POT is continuing direct stimulation of the head of his penis immediately after ejaculation. Not ten seconds after, or even five seconds after. Immediately after! In fact, it may help if you begin while he is still ejaculating. Use his own semen as lubrication. That works very well. The head of his penis should be well lubricated. If it is not, chances are you will only irritate his penis instead of stimulating it.

Not every male's penis is the same, duh. Therefore, POT will not feel the same to every man. To some, it may actually be quite painful, but to most, it will simply be extremely sensitive. Either way, he will fight you on it. POT didn't get it's name from being a nice “pleasant” feeling. It is like over-stimulating that part of his penis that he likes to have stimulated in the first place. Note, I said, “over-stimulating”.

I highly recommend using some type of bondage if you intend to try POT on your guy. He will, undoubtedly, fight to get loose and stop your from stimulating his penis after he ejaculates. If you are doing it right, he will fight. So, at the very least, you should bind his hands so that he can't stop you. He may, buck violently, twist and turn, shout at you, and even hurt himself in his attempt to stop the assault. So be prepared for that.

All in all, Post Orgasm Torture can be a fun way to add a little excitement to your play-time. If nothing else, it can be used as a punishment for any guy who ejaculates before you wanted him to. The .gif above shows the proper method for POT.

Mistress Ivey


  1. POT is a big interest of mine - my wife and I have experimented with it but I agree tying the man securely would be necessary for the full experience.
    Agree that there aren't may good POT videos - realtickling had some of the best I've seen - for instance

  2. Mistress K. will sometimes enjoy a little POT on me. I hate it but love that she does it, if that makes sense. It's all about her and if she enjoys putting me through a little "torture" from time to time, then that is what will happen!

  3. I saw this one once

  4. POT sounds really awesome. I watched the videos listed. I think that lying down would be more comfortable I would like to ask my mistress to do it for me but I am a bit apprehensive - so some technical questions - I know that cocks differ but as a general rule -
    1. How long should the sensitivity last?
    2. Will sensitivity last longer because the glans is continually being sensitised by the rubbing?
    3. So how long might the torment last (on the videos it looks like 2-3 minutes but maybe the guys are acting.
    4. Is there a possibility that POT leads to a second ejaculation?
    willing sub

  5. Yes, it all varies with the individual, But... Once the torment is halted for a few seconds, it is over. The sensitivity will generally subside within a few seconds. Though I have have never seen anyone ejaculate a second time from POT, I suppose it might be possible.
    Oh, and trust me, those guys were NOT acting!


    1. Thank you

    2. When I had it done to me it was not as intensely painful as I expected and she/we managed to keep it going for ten minutes. then she got bored so maybe it could have been longer.

  6. I have had it done to me lots of time whilst tied up properly. The longest was 10 minutes it was very unbearable but lots of fun for the female. And it stayed sensitive for the whole ten minutes. I think as long as the woman gets to work straight way it can be prolonged for a long time. We have uploaded a video onto pornhub and aim to do more

  7. Here is one of our videos pot for over 10 minutes!