Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Realistic Male Chastity

I have recently read a great deal about male chastity on other blogs. I wanted to see what was being touted as “The” way to do it. Mistress Ivey started this blog because she was tired of the way sexual “Mistresses” were portrayed on the Internet. She believed that there were many more women (perhaps couples) who would open up their fantasies and desires, if they were exposed to another way of doing things. It was she who brought the Female Lead Relationship out in to the open and made it acceptable to the average woman.

Now, I am looking at male chastity and finding very little honest and unbiased accounts of what it truly is and can be. Just because a man has the desire to serve a woman, and to allow her to take control of his life, including his orgasms, does NOT mean that he wants permanent chastity, or a wife who will treat him like dirt and never think about his pleasure. On the contrary.

Male chastity can be the exciting new lifestyle many couples have been looking for. BUT... It can be done in a moderate fashion. It does not have to include many of the things I have read about on other blogs. Things like cuckoldry, permanent chastity, cruel whipping, or any of a number of other things.

So, it occurred to me that I have a venue to set the record straight. I will en-devour to teach you how REAL couples do it. How they live very happy, healthy lives together using male chastity as a way of injecting a little excitement into their, otherwise, stagnate sex lives.

So watch this space in the future for some truly good, honest, advice about Male chastity and how to use it to spark your own sex life up.



  1. My wife (Merry) and I employ male chastity in moderation. Never more than two weeks at a time. Just something to build up the desire within both of us.

  2. Should be interesting reading. We have looked at cages and discussed them. Robyn thinks some are nice and I asked if she wanted one for me. Her comment was not yet. So I'll just wait until she says she wants to look at them again.

  3. Here we go! Thank you for continuing with the blog. I'm looking forward to your thoughts.

  4. Thanks Nemo for discussing this topic. We enjoy using it build excitement and keep me from masturbating.