Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Male Chastity Pt-12

Sample Games & Teases

Here are some sample teases to get you started. I can't do everything for you, but with just a little imagination, you should be able to keep your Chastity Boy on the edge most of the time.

Verbal Teases:
These may be done over the phone, through a text message, or even email. They could be whispered in his ear when you are out to dinner, or at a movie. The point is to get him turned on and thinking about you, and what he could be doing instead of whatever he is doing.
  • I would love to lick your cock from your balls all the way to the tip very slowly.
  • I am laying on the bed masturbating right now. Don't you wish you were here?
  • I would love to suck your big, hard, cock right now. I can't wait until you get home...
  • I would love to feel your hands squeezing my breasts as you fuck me from behind.
  • Remember that story you read about the two woman and one guy?

Psychological Teases:
These teases are best told to him while he is bound so that you can physically tease him. Or on the phone like those above. They are just the beginning of the kinds of things you can use.
  • I have invited my old roommate from college to come over and see your chastity cage.
  • You know, I would love to dress you up as a French maid and have you serve dinner to a few of our friends.
  • Oh! You're about to cum. Let me make you a deal. You can cum right now, or you can wait three more months and I will let you fuck me any way you want. What's it gonna be?
  • Honey, I've decided to ask Mandy to come over this week-end to help me tease you.
  • How would you like it if I were to invite a couple gay guys I know over to teach you about anal sex?

Physical Teases:
These are practical teases in which he must do something that could be extremely humiliating if anyone else knew he was doing it. Or do them during a T&D session.
  • Have your guy wear a pair of women's panties to work.
  • Bind his hands, remove his cage, stroke his cock very slowly ten to twenty times. Then ice him down and put the cage back on.
  • Send him on an errand or to work with orders to insert a butt-plug before he comes home.
  • Bind him to a chair, a bed, or even a table. Lube his cock and stroke it as slowly as you can, for as long as you can without allowing him to cum. Then put his cage back on.
  • Put him on his knees and milk his prostate.
There you have it. I think you get the idea. Now go out there and tease that Chastity Boy of yours. And remember: Never let up. Never give in.


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