Wednesday, January 18, 2017

When NOT to Tease

For obvious reasons, I have spoken a great deal about teasing and denying your partner as a means of keeping him happy and wanting to please you. But I have said little about when NOT to tease your partner. It is, obviously, your best means of exerting your control over him. After all, chastity or not, he really can't tease himself. Not effectively, anyway.

Let's assume (there's that word again) that you tease your partner at every opportunity. That is, you take a moment, here and there, to fondle his manhood, either through his pants, or by reaching into them, as often as you can. You should do it at least several times a day. While you are fondling him, you should be whispering something in his ear that you know will turn him on, such as, “How would like it if I were to give you a full orgasm in a restaurant?” or some other, equally stimulating erotic fantasy?

In addition to the above mentioned little teases, you should spend at least twenty minutes a day doing everything you can to edge him. He should become accustomed to all this teasing in his everyday life so that you can easily control him when he displeases you.

And just how are you supposed to do that? Simply by NOT teasing him in one form or the other. If he suddenly doesn't get his twenty minutes, or his little teases, or both, he should be able to figure out that you are either no longer interested, or that he has displeased you in some way.

See? No other form of punishment may be necessary, for those of you who don't enjoy giving him a good spanking or paddling, now and then. When he isn't doing his best, life gets easier for you. See? No bondage, no BDSM, and no fuss!

Mistress Ivey