Wednesday, January 11, 2017


I get complaints from guys all the time because they don't think their “Mistress” is doing something right. What that “something” is varies from person to person, but the complaint is basically the same. So here is my response...

Just because your Mistress, Goddess, Princess, or wife, doesn't do everything exactly as YOU think she should, does NOT make her wrong. For example, I received one letter from a man who loved everything his wife/Mistress was doing, the daily teasing, the long term denial, the punishments she gave him, were all perfect except for one minor thing: She would not tell him when his next full orgasm might be. He said it didn't matter to him if she changed the date, pushed it back because of something he did, or if unforeseen circumstances made it necessary to change the date. He just wanted to something to “look forward to” according to him.

Well, my response to him was the same as it would be to most anyone who has a complaint about his Mistress' way of doing things. You are NOT in control. She is! Therefore, she can do whatever she deems necessary or appropriate to keep you in line. To Keep things running smoothly the way SHE wants them to run. So if it is her desire to give you a “possible” date for your next ejaculation, great. Also great if she doesn't choose to do so.

Many of you have your own ideas about how things should be done. If you happen to be the one in charge, then things should get done YOUR way. If you are are the one is being controlled, turn over control totally. Let her do things HER way. It doesn't hurt to ask for something special, or that she do something a different way, but if she refuses, then drop it. Trust that she is doing things the way she wants to do them. Don't try to change things to suit your idea of submission. Instead, submit to her ideas of how things should be done. After all, that is what you asked for, isn't it?

Mistress Ivey


  1. Sounds like some what to top from the bottom. My wife has compete control and I accept that. I don't look at her as my Mistress, she is my dominate wife. When she wants sex we have it her way. I'm lucky in that she loves to keep me empty so I do get to cum a lot. But where I cum and how I cum is up to her and I love it that way. Even the spankings it maybe a punishment or erotic. I present my bottom in the position she desires and accept what she is giving me and love her for it.

  2. At least in the instance sited, it is an opportunity to beg!

  3. When my Mistress wife, and I were beginning our FLR, I told her I wished she would spank me more often. She asked me "do you want one today"? I of course said yes. All of her items were kept upstairs in our bedroom. She said "OK let's go to the basement". Once there she pointed out to me that it was difficult to give me a good spanking without an implement, so i ran upstairs, and brought one of her paddles back down to the basement. "Wrong one, try again" she said. So another trip, another paddle. "I've decided I want to use a strap instead" was her reply when I returned from the upstairs to the basement. Seventeen trips later, she finally gave me a hand spanking. Then I was to make nineteen trips from the basement to the bedroom to return all her items one by one again. Her message at the end of this was "I am the one in control, and I'll decide when your spankings take place not you". I learned from that day she IS the one in control, and to never forget that.