Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fulfill His Desires Thru Masturbation

Last week we talked about what it takes to be a good leader. We mentioned that food, shelter and clothing were the only needs that must be filled. Now let's talk about desires. If you are not fulfilling at least some of your partner's desires, he will quickly lose interest in serving you. That would be a bad thing.

So what do you do when your partner has expressed the desire to do something “really” kinky? Well, the obvious answer would be to do whatever he wants. But what if you are not really into that kind of activity? What can you do then? I have found that humiliation works very well.

If you don't want to dress him up in women's clothing, or make him have sex with another man, or cuckold him, or even allow another woman to touch him, here is a suggestion that can fulfill all these desires without you having to do anything but give him a few commands. It's called humiliation.

Try this sometime, surprise your partner while he is taking a shower. Open the shower curtain (or door) and just look at him for a few seconds. Tell him to start masturbating for you. Demand it, if he hesitates. Watch what he does and how he does it. If he isn't using soap, tell him to use it. If he is stroking slowly, or hesitantly, tell him to speed up. Tell him to slow down. Tell him not to cum.

Keep him doing it for you until he seems comfortable doing it, then stop. Tell him to stop. Then close the curtain and walk out of the room. Oh, and be sure to tell him he is not allowed to masturbate without your permission and that he will be punished if he cums without your permission.

Now, you have set the stage. Any time you like, tell him to masturbate for you. At a restaurant, a theater, in the car, or stop out in the country somewhere, tell him to get out of the car. Then inform him that he is not allowed back into the car until you see him ejaculate. Or stop him before he does.

Make him masturbate in the car while you are driving. It doesn't have to be a long trip, just long enough for him to get himself good and hard. When you park the car, get out and tell him (out loud) to pull his pants up and get out. That is especially enjoyable in a crowded parking lot where others might hear you.

Now, if he still pushes to get some of the other fantasies, simply describe one of them to him the next time you make him masturbate for you. You don't have to make his fantasies become reality, just feed them to him while he is performing for you. That will hold him for at least a little while.

Another suggestion would be to push those fantasies beyond what his desires dictate. That is, make him think you are going to make them come true, but make them MORE than what he wants. For example, he wants to be dressed in women's clothing around the house. Tell him the only way you want to do it is to take him shopping and make him wear everything you pick out for him until you are done. Maybe indicate that once he is dressed up, you are going to make him go to a gay bar and pick up other men.

Of course, what you say to him depends on what he wants and what would be way beyond his limits. The idea is to push the fantasy beyond his limits with the understanding that that is the only way you would ever want to do it.

Now, go and have some fun with him!

Mistress Ivey


  1. From the beginning of our FLR I knew my sissy loved to wear female clothing. I immediately took control and took him shopping for his own clothing. I used the humility factor anytime I could as this made him feel as the submissive boy that he was. Having him pay the clerk at the store and then saying "carry your clothes home sissy" loud enough for the clerk and others in line to hear was a good way to keep him following behind like a puppy. Your suggesting ways of masturbation is very humiliating and something I like to incorporate in my daily feeding of humiliation on my sissy boi. Judi

  2. I just wanted to say thank you!!! Your blog gave me the courage to tell my wife about my fantasy and now we are in a chastity female led relationship. She read your blog to learn more about it and now there is no going back. She has me eating her pussy three and four times a day and I bathe her and dry her off. She has yet to let me out of my cb-6000s. Thank you so much!!

  3. I agree completely about humiliation and sometimes for my man and I that involves him masturbating. For a variation on this, if you have the opportunity, have him masturbate while another woman watches. It took us quite awhile to work up to this, but by now I've had him masturbate in front of a girlfriend of mine a couple of times. Believe me, this is primal humiliation for a guy (of course, my girlfriend loves it!).

  4. This would be mind blowing to me (I am a man): to masturbate in front of a girlfriend of my wife. It would be a mixture of intense eroticism and humiliation.

  5. In my opinion if my woman boss ask me to masturbate in front of her girlfriends it is only erotic not humiliant....of sure become humiliant if that friend smile to me when she see to me

  6. Great point about once you can get one of us husbands to masturbate on command like that, you can use it again and again, to humiliate or just for Your own pleasure when you're bored. sara e

  7. I was the "other woman" watching my girlfriend's guy masturbate one time in college. He was so nervous that I remember I gave him a little kiss on the cheek and told him everything would be okay. He calmed down and had a nice big orgasm while we watched.

  8. I've found the best part about being the second woman in this situation is that there's no pressure to undress or do anything for the guy at all. You can just enjoy his nudity and the fact that he's going to masturbate to orgasm for your entertainment.

  9. I know this is an old thread but I was inspired to try this with my boyfriend, and after many false starts, was finally able to enjoy watching him masturbate for a girlfriend of mine last weekend. One of the most erotic things I've ever experienced.