Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cuckold Caution

I recently received a message from one of my friends on Facebook. She is one of the rare ones who asked for my advice and then actually followed it. It is so often that I give advice to someone who, in the end, totally disregards it that I wonder why they asked me in the first place. Then when all is said and done, they wonder why things did not work out as they had hoped.

This particular friend, we will call her “M,” told me that her husband had been begging her to cuckold him for well over a year. Cuckolding was something that “M” was really not comfortable doing but could not convince her partner that it would not be a good idea. After over a year of listening to her husbands constant begging, she decided to try something I had suggested.

M” told her husband that she had finally found a man with whom she felt comfortable enough to have sex. She set up a date. Prepared her husband for the event as well as she could. He reassured her that he was not only ready for such a change, but that he was looking forward to it.

When the day finally arrived that she was to meet her new lover for dinner and a roll in the hay at a nearby motel, she kissed her husband goodbye and left the house. Thirty minutes later, “M” returned home. That was when she explained to her husband this had all been a test to see if he truly wanted to be a cuckold.

Her husband admitted that he was extremely happy that she had not actually gone through with a real cuckolding. It seems that, faced with reality, “M's” husband could not handle her having sex with another man.

My point in telling you this story is that, men sometimes fantasize about one particular thing. They let it build up in their minds into something they think they just cannot live without. However, when faced with the reality of that particular fantasy, their true feelings will surface and those feelings are not always what they were expecting.

So here is a big congratulations to “M” for not doing what her husband wanted and, instead, making him think she had. Her marriage is saved, her husband will never again ask her to make love to another man, and, perhaps, he will be more careful what he asks for in the future.

Mistress Ivey


  1. I find the last portion of your message to be extremely interesting. How true that a man may have so many fantasies running through his head that he is just dying to experience. But many things are better kept as fantasies.
    When I first began reading about orgasm control and denial along with male chastity, the author cautioned "be careful what you ask for".
    There have been a few times in the past two years when I wondered if I was at a point that I may end up sorry that I had asked for something. So far, no regrets at all. However, like many men, my fantasies run rampant. Some of those are best not acted upon.
    Thank you for more great advice.

  2. Being a man who is cautiously playing with the the cuckold realm and the chastity realm, sometimes there are things you are faced with and in reality you find out that it was just a fantasy. I liked this approach. It deemed to be very successful in getting the real feeling out without making a true mistake. I may have told a fellow temptress to go a little further, stay gone longer and then tell her husband that it was done. Play along for a couple days if necessary and see what happens before telling the truth. Will he ask that she do it again? Does he remain hot for it?

    We are still in the stages of talking out a fantasy during sex to see if it continue to turn us on while talking about it and acting it out in the bedroom. We plan to go as far as going to clubs together to allow people to watch us, then if all goes well maybe join in. If all goes well, it's very possible that cuckolding may occur beyond these steps, but not till all prior steps are deemed successful. It's a slow process to make sure no one gets hurt. but remember, nothing is fool proof.

    1. Excellent advice on your part as well. Of all the things a couple can do, cuckolding is by far the most dangerous for their relationship. If it works, great! If it doesn't, it may be too late to save the relationship.

  3. We are in with you. Sounds like fun. See if any witches can cast a spell on his chastity device. Ann

  4. Wow! The first piece of sound, realistic thought I've seen in the many FLR and assorted kink sites I've read. I read once, and I'm struggling to recall the author, that opening a monogamous marriage is "one of the most corrosive things" that can happen to that relationship. Well done.

  5. One often hears 'there is a difference between fantasy and reality', which is undoubtedly true. One never hears the follow-up, which, to me, is: How do you know unless you try out your fantasies? Maybe reality is better than the fantasy.

  6. I am a romantic male that likes vanilla and kink play and I also like to switch. And there are some femdom practices that I like a lot but cuckolding is to me one of the meanest femdom practices ever! I find it totally unromantic, unloving and somehow anti-male because it feels like a full humiliating attack to very core of being a "natural" male.

    I am nobody to judge the kink of others but I fully agree that cuckolding is playing with a lot of fire and can ruin a relationship very quickly! In my case for example if my femdom/switch girlfriend/wife would only just suggest cuckolding because she may like it, well this would lead me very fast to question our relationship and her as my partner. The countdown to a end of our relationship could start very fast.

  7. Hi mistress, thanks for the blog and the great post, I like real life blogs, and ur blog is one of them, back to this experience, as a cuckold husband since 2010, i can tell that many many men reaction is same like M's hubby, they cant handle the reality, bcz simply everything is perfect for both the spouse, sexually and emotionally, many of us the cuckolds, r into this lifestyle, simply to let the wife get what we cant offer, frankly, the good sex.