Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fun Fun Fun!

Ladies, what kind of things do you think are fun (sexually speaking)? That is, do you enjoy receiving oral stimulation? Giving oral stimulation? Acting like a bitch and shouting orders to your submissive partner? Maybe you are more the type who enjoys embarrassing your partner and making him feel the humiliation?
My point here? If you are going to make your female dominated relationship work, you are going to have to find something that is fun for YOU! Maybe locking your guy in chastity then sexually teasing him for weeks (or even months) at a time is what gives you a thrill. It doesn't matter what you enjoy. What matters is that you make sure you are doing SOMETHING! Your partner is expecting his needs and/or desires to be satisfied, and only YOU can do that. So doing nothing will not work. Find out what is fun for you, and then use that to have fun with him.
If you were both open and honest in creating your agreement, then you stand a good chance of making your relationship a success. After all, isn't that what this is all about? Your relationship? Don't be afraid to try something new. After all, chances are, you have already reached a point where your male dominated relationship went stale. That is, it may have become boring, sex almost non-existent. This is YOUR chance to “fix” things.
Don't be afraid to talk to your partner about ANYTHING. Do some research. Find out what kinds of things other people are doing. Start out slow. Add things as you go. Experiment. Be brave. If your partner likes the idea of being cuckolded, but you just can't bring yourself to do that sort of thing, fake it. Get all dressed up. Go out. When you get home, tease your partner by telling him all about how you met this really well hung guy, and how you went to his place and he fucked your brains out. He won't know the difference unless you admit that you just went to your sister's house and watched TV.
If your partner wants to be publicly humiliated, tell him you are going to invite some friends over and you want him to serve you all, maybe wearing only his chastity device. Or maybe make him masturbate for you. You might be surprised how embarrassed he becomes just at the thought of doing that.
The best way to find out what your partner likes is to have him gather some captioned photos. The caption says it all. The photo is usually irrelevant. But you will find out what kind of Mistress he wants you to be. There is always a way for you both to be more sexually satisfied than ever before, if you are willing to work at it. But remember, it is supposed to be FUN!
Mistress Ivey

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