Thursday, November 20, 2014


When it comes to the philosophy of a Female Led Relationship, one must surely realize that we are generally talking about a marriage, as opposed to a work relationship.
So what brings me to this point? I read a book by another author, who shall remain nameless, today. Some folks would look at her work compared to mine and think we are living in two different worlds. The truth is, we are not. In fact, we agree on more things than you might think. The difference, as I see it, is that we are not talking about the same thing.
If you were discussing the rotational effects of the moon on the Earth with a friend, and someone else started saying that, according to so-and-so, you were wrong. Wouldn't you be curious what “so-and-so” said about the subject? But what if you tell your friend that “so-and-s0” wasn't talking about the moon, but rather the Sun? After all, it is a whole different subject.
Okay, in my writing, both here and in my books, I talk about women being in charge of their men, their families, in a female led relationship. But this other author (who I am not naming) does not talk about that kind relationship. Instead, she talks about a non-consensual type of relationship which is a totally different animal. It is my philosophy that there must be harmony in a marriage. And that means “give and take” on both sides.
When someone compares my methods with those of other authors, I appreciate it, if they didn't try to compare apples and oranges. For example, in a non-consensual relationship, the slave (or sub) has given up all rights to anything other than obedience. In a female led marriage, he has not. In fact, he is expected to be rewarded for good behavior, teased to help keep him in line, and given an orgasm once in awhile, especially if he is in chastity.
If you want to have a non-consensual slave to take care of your every need, by all means, go out and find one. But if you want your husband or lover to obey you, be prepared to hand out rewards for good behavior.
If you are going to talk about me, please understand the philosophy, and get it right.
Mistress Ivey

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