Monday, November 17, 2014

B & B

I hear so many women tell me that they love keeping their partner in chastity, but don't go in for all that bondage stuff. When I ask them if they at least tie his hands when they remove his chastity device for teasing, most tell me they don't. When I ask if they blindfold him during tease sessions, again the answer is “no”. Shame on you Ladies!

There is a reason that I advocate the use of blindfolds and bondage when teasing your guy. Whether you remove his chastity device or not, your objective is (or at least should be) to get him as aroused as you possibly can. Isn't it? If you didn't answer “Yes” to that, you may as well skip this post. In fact, you may as well forget about tease and denial altogether. I mean, if you are going to do it, do it right.

A blindfold serves as an aid to increasing your partner's arousal because it forces him to use his imagination. His fantasies live in his imagination. Think about it. A blindfold can also eliminate the need for you to put on some kind of fantasy enhancing attire (sexy outfit) in order to tease him. If he can't see you, he will imagine you. In other words, you can be dressed in an old pair of jeans and T-shirt, but he will imagine the leather teddy, high-heeled boots, and whatever else he would like you to wear. You can even feed his imagination by describing to him what you want him to see.

As for the bondage part, again, you need to feed his imagination. By simply tying his hands so that he is unable to use them, he will feel more vulnerable. More vulnerable equals more aroused. Wait... Isn't that the point of all this? It doesn't matter that you are lousy at tying knots. It doesn't matter that if he really wanted to he could get loose. All that matters is that feeling of vulnerability, of having no control (because you have all the control), that will increase his arousal. You can bind his wrists behind his back, to the arms of a chair, to the headboard of your bed (or any bed), you can even tie them to the top of a door. It doesn't matter how you bind his hands as long as you do it.

I hope you get my point. Two simple items, a blindfold and piece of rope, can make your job so much easier. Why work at teasing your partner when there are so many things you can do to get him to new heights of arousal without making more work for you. Don't believe me? Try tying his hands to a chair while he is naked, then sit down and start reading a book (to yourself). Every now and then, ask him if he would like you to touch him. Or ask him to describe what he would like you to be wearing when you touch him. You'll see I'm right.

Have fun with teasing... It's supposed to be fun, NOT a chore!

Mistress Ivey

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