Tuesday, August 26, 2014


If your husband has a small penis, chances are, at least at one point in your life, that didn't matter to you. This is important only because what I am about to tell you could be taken as a devastating blow to his ego (and possibly to your relationship)or it could be his fantasy come true.
If you truly love your husband, but he happens to have a small penis, or you just want to humiliate him even though it may be average sized, you must first make sure he understands that you love him. Make him understand that the size of penis is really something that does not matter to you. Make him understand that you love him just the way he is, no matter what size his penis may be.
Once you have established that, warn him that you may make remarks about the size of his penis and that those remarks are not meant to hurt him, only to remind him of his place. They are meant to humiliate him and make him realize that he is totally YOURS!
Now, how you use his small penis from that point on is up to you. You can tell him that he should understand that his tiny little winker could never possibly satisfy a real woman. Tell him that you may, someday, demonstrate how a “real man's” penis is used to satisfy her.
If you are not planning to cuckold him, then you need to find other ways of humiliating him. Try this... Get yourself a life-like cock style dildo. Make it as big as you think you can handle. Use it in front of him, or have him use it on you himself. Remind him that it takes a cock that big to really satisfy you and ask if he now understands why his little pee-pee must remain in chastity.
Another way of demonstrating the difference between a tiny cocklet like his and a real man's cock is to get a small dildo to go along with the huge one you bought. Put him on his knees and carefully insert the big dildo in his ass. (Don't forget to use plenty of lubrication and take it slow.) Once you have it in him, slowly fuck him with it by pushing it in and out for a few minutes (the longer the better).
Once his is used to having this huge cock in his ass, remove it and replace it with the small one. Ask him if he can feel the difference. Of course he can. Tell him that when he fucks you with his tiny little dicklet it does nothing for you. What you need is a huge cock like the first one he had in his ass. Can you see the humiliation in his eyes?
Of course, you can always have him masturbate for you and make fun of his while he does it. Tell him that you just don't see how he gets any pleasure from such a small dicky, and don't forget to point out that his balls are like marbles or the size of a little boy's balls. All of these things will serve to humiliate him.
If you have advanced enough to have confided in a friend (or maybe you belong to some BDSM group) you can invite another woman to join you in teasing and humiliating him. I'll give you some ideas on that in my next post.
Mistress Ivey
P.S. Just so you know, SPH stand for “Small Penis Husband,” or “Small Penis Humiliation.”

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