Friday, August 29, 2014

SPH Continued

As I mentioned in my last post on this subject, you MUST first make sure your partner knows that you love him no matter what. The size of his penis is NOT really important to you. Failure to make him understand that could be devastating to his ego. We want to humiliate him, NOT destroy him!
If this is something that you want to continue, then you should find yourself a good, large, strap-on dildo. Silicone is the best material because it can be boiled as well as placed in your dishwasher to keep it clean. It is relatively soft and very flexible.
You can use the strap-on to show your partner what a large cock looks like and then make him suck it so that he sees just how much a huge cock takes to suck. Tell him you are training him to become your cock-sucking little bitch and that you will eventually have him sucking off your lovers when you cuckold him. Of course, whether you actually cuckold him or not is up to you. Or you can tell him that you are planning to have some of your girlfriends bring their husbands over for some Femdom fun and that he needs to know how to suck cock in case you decide to make him do it.
Using his fantasies in this manner will not only stimulate his imagination, it will humiliate him as well. Again, you may never actually follow through with your threat, but he won't know that. He will always be wondering when you might make him put a real cock in his mouth, or his ass for that matter.
Use your imagination to find ways to humiliate him. Always talk to his as if he doesn't really measure up. These are things that keep him in the right mindset. You can even make him refer to his own cock as tiny, insignificant, worthless or some other demeaning words when talking about it.
The more people you actually involve in his humiliation, just telling someone (even a perfect stranger) about his tiny cock, the more humiliated he will be. Better yet, make him tell them how tiny and useless it is.
I hope these two posts on small penis humiliation have help those of you who are interested.
Mistress Ivey

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