Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Finger Touch Tease

The video below is my first attempt at embedding a video into my blog. This particular video demonstrates how to perform a one (or two) finger tease. As tease and denial videos go, the are actually very few that don't end in an orgasm. Be that as it may, many do show ruined orgasms and are, therfore, applicable to this blog.

In the video below, I want you to pay particular attention to two things: 1) Watch how the woman uses one or two fingers to tease her victim's penis. It's very good example how to touch certain sensitive spots that will give you the reactions you want, and; 2) Notice how the victim's penis reacts when this woman touches those sensitive spots. His reactions are, for the most part, uncontrollable. They are simply natural reactions that he has no control over. 

All in all, this video is an excellent example of how little you need to do to get your man to the point of no return. What you do then is up to you. If you want to keep your guy on edge, just give his cock a few seconds to rest every now and then. You can see how this works if you pay close attention to the video. If you want to ruin his orgasm (perhaps several in a row), simply stop when you think he is about to ejaculate. If you stop too soon, no harm done. he simply won't ejaculate. If you stop too late, he still might not have a full orgasm because you did stop. This is an excellent method for learning exactly when to stop whether you are trying to edge him or ruin his orgasms.

I hope this video will make your tease and denial sessions more successful.

Mistress Ivey

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