Monday, February 20, 2012

Safe Sex Tease?

Okay, maybe using a condom during teasing is not what people are referring to when they talk about safe sex. But... Have you ever tried teasing his cock with a condom on it? Maybe you should.

Condoms come in all types (lubricated, ribbed and even flavored) and styles. If you plan to use them for teasing you don't want any of that nasty-tasting spermicide on them. Trust me, it is nasty-tasting! If your guy has a tendency to spurt before you are ready, a condom might be just the thing. After all, regardless of what the manufacturers may tell you, they do reduce sensitivity. Of course, the more you apply, the less sensitive he will be.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying that you want to put ten or twelve condoms on your guy and eliminate him feeling anything. Far from it. I am only suggesting that there are many reasons you might want to use a condom while teasing him. Let me explain, aside from the fact that it can delay his orgasm (which is a good reason to use one), a condom can be used to eliminate having to clean up every time you ruin an orgasm. Especially if you intend to continue and ruin a few more.

Condoms work very well for prostate milking, too. After all, just how easy is it to catch all that cum in a little cup? And just think, when you are done, he can drink it right from the condom. It's a bit more humiliating that way, but hey, why not? After all, many men love to be humiliated.

Have you ever given a guy blow-job while he was wearing a condom? It's little different, but it works. It just takes longer, that's all. But then, if you are teasing him (and that IS what we are talking about here, isn't it?) you want it last a good long time without fear of an “accident.” Condoms are good for a great number of things. Use them to cover any toy that you are going to insert (no mater where you are going to insert it). It's cleaner and safer that way. Besides, cleanup is a breeze!

Here's a little video to demonstrate what I mean. Sorry the quality isn't that good, but videos like this are very hard to find.

I am sure you can think of ways to use a condom that I have not mentioned here. If so, drop me a line or post a comment and tell me about it.

Mistress Ivey

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