Monday, February 13, 2012

Light Tease Example

I finally found a really good training video that shows how to do what I have been trying to teach women to do ever since I started this blog. I think you guys will like this one too.

This is a 16 minute video with one ruined orgasm and one full orgasm at the end (both optional, of course). But there are several things I want you to notice while watching this video. First of all, she does not use the lubrication that I recommend, but she still achieves the same goal. That is, she doesn't touch him firmly enough (during most of the video) to even move the skin of her 'victim's' cock. That is the best way to perform this type of teasing.

Let's face it, unless you are trying to produce an orgasm, perhaps so that you can ruin it, you don't want to touch him with anything more than a feather touch. The point of this type of cock tease is to make him want to feel your touch more than you are permitting him to feel. It will drive him crazy with desire for a firmer touch. So if your goal is tease and denial, then you this is the best way to achieve those results.

I also want you to notice that his first (ruined orgasm) is very slight. He seems to get only one small dribble. He does produce a great deal of precum. You can see this if you watch closely enough. Remember, you will only get a drop or two of precum every once in awhile during this kind of tease session.

Whether you use lubrication or not, it doesn't hurt to take a break every so often in order to let his desire (or immediate need to orgasm) to wane just a bit. This will produce a great deal more precum because each time he is re-aroused, he will (or should) produce it. You can fondle his balls, nipples, thighs, or any other part of his body during these short breaks from teasing his cock. Use your imagination, and pay attention to his reactions to everything you do.

Another point of interest is how this woman continues to tease her guy after his ruined orgasm. You will notice that he never loses any of his erection at this point. I think one of the key things that women (and men, for that matter) tend to forget is that an orgasm (even a full one) does not have to signal the end of the tease session. This is important because, you want to get away from that kind of thinking. Just because he has an orgasm (even if you fail to ruin it) doesn't mean that you have to stop teasing him. I'm not saying that you can totally avoid that post-orgasm depression that all men experience. But the sooner you begin to rebuild his desire, the better.

So watch this video and take notes. You may be able to get some really good tips of your own if you pay close attention. Most of all, have fun with your tease and denial sessions. That's what they are there for!

Mistress Ivey

P.S. If you are interested, you can get the cock ring in this video Here.

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