Monday, May 2, 2011

Better Milking

I have read a great deal about prostate milking and I have tried to apply what I have learned. Well, I have a couple of tips for those you who would like to (or do) practice prostate milking. If you are currently milking your partner through prostate massage, but you are not actually getting much (quantity wise) from him, I have a couple of tricks for you.

If you already get plenty of cum from your partner when you massage his prostate, it may be that you are actually using one or both of the tricks I am going to tell about without even knowing it. You see, massaging the prostate (as a doctor would) does not normally produce more that a few drops of liquid. That's because the prostate does not contain all the stuff you find in a normal ejaculation. If your partner has had a vasectomy, he will produce a smaller amount of ejaculate anyway because there are no spermies in it. But there are two other places that contribute to the quantity of fluid in a normal ejaculation.

Of course, you already know about the prostate. It supplies a small amount and the older your partner is, the longer it takes for him to produce more prostate fluid. However, the seminal vesicles (located just behind the prostate) produce a larger amount of fluid than the prostate itself. This fluid seems to act as a sperm plug designed to help block another man's sperm from getting to the egg.

If you have long fingers and can reach just beyond the prostate, you can massage these vesicles which will produce more fluid than the prostate alone. If your have short (or normal length) fingers, you may have difficulty reaching the vesicles. In that case, try using a slim vibrator or even a P-spot toy such as an Aneros style prostate massage aid to help you reach them. (Here is the one I use.)

Still, there is an even better way. If you spend some time getting your partner aroused, ready to cum, then switch to a prostate massage, you can get as much fluid as a regular ejaculation would produce, but without the thrill of a full orgasm. When a man gets excited enough, his body prepares for an ejaculation by sending everything “up front” so to speak. If you stop arousing him, or at least stop manipulating his cock, before he gets to the point of orgasm, you have everything right where you want it. Try switching to a prostate massage at this point, and you will get all the combined fluids. It's like the ultimate ruined orgasm. A full load, with none of the fun (for him).

Sometimes it can help to physically milk his cock once the prostate massage does it's work. That is, once you begin getting fluid while massaging his prostate, use your hand to stroke from the base of his cock to the tip (much like you would milk a cow). DO NOT stroke in both directions, as this can cause a normal orgasm. By going in only one direction, you prevent a normal ejaculation while milking the urethra of everything in it.

Now, if all you have been getting is a tiny amount and you make him swallow it, think how surprised he will be tonight when you give a good deal more to swallow!

Mistress Ivey

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