Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another Lesson in Teasing

My slave, nemo, recently posted three photos of women with very different body styles. Along with each photo was a statement of how each would treat a male sub. Along with the post a poll was posted asking men to choose which woman they would prefer as a key holder. The results were not at all surprising. (Click here to view it.)

It is obvious that what a chaste man wants has nothing to do with a woman's body style, or her overall beauty, but rather how she intends to treat him. More than 50% (more than double the next highest choice) of the men chose Woman #1 because of what she promised to do to them. Let's face it girls, the more you tease your man (sub, slave, chastity-boy) the more he will appreciate you. So... Here are the basics of what you should be doing in each and every tease session you give him, whether or not you deny his orgasm, the build up to that point is the same.

First of all, you should spend a little time getting to know the cock you intend to tease. (Name it if you like.) Take some time to study it. I mean get up close and personal with this thing you intend to use to bring such joy and torment to your man. Look it over very closely. Examine the head (glans) of his penis. Notice how it seems to form a little helmet. On the underside, where the corona (the ridge that extends around the penis) begins and ends (and where the foreskin is attached (if he has one). This is, by far, the most sensitive spot on his entire body. Rub this spot for few minutes and you can make him ejaculate.
Of course, ejaculation is (literally) the last thing we want to happen here. What many woman are not aware of is that the other side of the glans (the smooth area between the corona and the tip) is also very sensitive. However, it is most sensitive when it is properly lubricated. Now you might be surprised what the 'proper' lubricant is. The best lubrication for the glans is precum. That's right, precum. However, if you have ever tried using his precum as lubrication, you know just how fast it dries up and actually becomes a little sticky. Then this happens, simply wet the tips of your fingers with your tongue (or his if you prefer) and rub them firmly across the glans. The saliva will re-wet the precum and restore its lubricating properties. You can do this as often as you like.

Getting back to techniques. If your objective is to tease his cock for a long period of time (and it should be), once you have obtained and used his precum, give his cock time to relax. That is, take a break, tweak his nipples, smoke a cigarette, or just talk to him about what you are doing, planing to do, or tell him his favorite fantasy. The point is to leave his cock untouched for a few minutes so that it can relax. Once it begins to soften a bit, you can begin again. This is the best way to get him to produce more precum for you to play with.

Another way to utilize his precum and the super-sensitive areas of his cock is to use one hand to grasp his cock firmly just below the glans. Using the palm of your free hand to briskly rub his precum (once it appears) into the head of his penis. Again, if it starts to dry out, add a little saliva. This will drive him crazy and he may do a great deal of squirming in an attempt to escape. Take pleasure from this, for is not likely that he will cum too quickly while you are doing this. If he does show signs that he might cum, stop, have another smoke or talk a little more. Teasing him verbally about what you are doing works well with most men. You can repeat the above procedure as many times as you like (or as many as he can stand).

Now let's discuss stroking for a moment. Many men, paralyzed from the waist down, can be given an ejaculation simply by stroking his cock. This is called an autonomic response. In other words, you can make him cum simply by stroking his cock any time you want. But that's NOT what we want to accomplish, now is it? So I don't recommend stroking his cock unless you either need to get him a little harder, or you use a simple method that will excite him, but not trigger the 'cum' response.

Now here is where you will need a good lubricant. I will repeat myself for the umpteenth time... Use vegetable oil or some kind (or even shortening if you like) for this. Why pay a fortune for lubrication when you have one of the best lubricants around in the house anyway? Put lots of oil on your hands and stroke his cock (alternating hands) from the base up and off the tip of his cock. DO NOT stroke down! Even one down stroke can produce an ejaculation. So don't risk it. Stroke only in an up and off motion.

Stop every now and then to gently rake your fingernails over his balls. Start at the base and bring them up to the base of his cock (or all the way to the tip of it, if you like). Do this several times before resuming the up-stroking. Just keep a close eye on him and make sure you are not getting him too close to cumming. If he is getting close, take another break, have another cigarette, tease him verbally, again. Just give him a minute or two to rest. Then start all over again.

If you do this long enough, say for an hour or more, he will be begging you for an orgasm. Enjoy the begging. Whether you allow him to orgasm (even if ruined) or not, I guarantee he will be exhausted and happy. He will be more attentive to you and your needs, even doing dishes or vacuuming the living room, because of the attention you have given him. So have fun and treat him to a thrill as well.
Here is an excellent video that demonstrates the 'up and off' method I talked about in this post. 

Enjoy teasing!

Mistress Ivey

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