Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tease Talk

I have been getting quite a few requests for more information on talking. So in this post I am going to show you what a short session could be like. Yes, it is quite repetitive, but that's okay. You don't have to recite any long orations about any one thing. No, what you need to do, once you get your man properly bound, is tease his mind as much as you tease his cock. Before you start, you should bind your guy in some way so that he cannot reach his cock or struggle (twisting, turning, etc.) enough that he can escape your touch. After all, we don't want him stopping our fun, now do we? You can bind him to a bed, a chair, a wall, or even just hag-tie him as long as you are comfortable and can get to his genitals.

In this scene I will use some humiliation. I will talk about some of the fantasies that my fictitious victim has. You will need to substitute your guys fantasies (whatever they are) for the ones used here. Note: All questions to the victim (sub, guy, man, slave or what have you) are rhetorical (as yours should be). That is, you really don't care what his answers are, or even if he answers at all. The point is to make him think about what you are doing and what you might do. The words in brackets “[ ]” indicate my actions.

Let's get started...
[Finding a comfortable position in which to tease him.]

“Now that you're all secured let's just remove that cage that is keeping me from having fun with your little cockie.”
[The chastity device is removed.]

“There, that's better. Now it's free and I can play with it.”
[Letting his cock rest in my hand.]

“Oh, look. It's already getting hard. I'll bet it wants me to stroke it, doesn't it?”
[My fingers move up and down letting his cock slide over them. I am not even gripping him.]

“Look how big it's getting. Do you think it wants me to put it in my mouth?”
[I place my mouth very close to his cock but don't let it touch.]

“Can you feel my hot breath on it? I'll bet it would really love for me to just suck on it until it squirts it's entire load into my mouth, wouldn't it, now?”
[I run the tip of my tongue from the base of his cock up and off the tip.]

“I'll bet that felt good, didn't it? You want me to do that don't you?”
[Sitting up straight.]

“Well I'm not going to. That would be too easy. Besides, I don't want you to cum. That would ruin all my fun. Don't forget now, you can't cum without permission. If you do, I'll have to punish you. I'll lock you back up in that thing and not let you out for a year!”
[Putting oil on the palm my hand and letting it rest there.]

“Do you really want me to stroke your cock? You won't disappoint me now, will you?”
[I begin slowly moving my hand up and down his cock, not even gripping it, just letting it slide over the palm or my fingers.]

“Does that feel good? How about I do that for an hour or so? Huh? What do you say? Oh, I know you won't be able to cum. It's not stimulating enough, is it?”
[I continue stroking in this manner for several minutes.]

“Maybe I should make YOU do this. Naw, you couldn't resist jerking off, could you? Maybe I'll dress you up as my maid and make you do the housework for our neighbors. Maybe then I would let you have an orgasm. Wouldn't you love that?”
[Now I start letting my fingers run across the head of his cock with each stroke (still not gripping it).]

“Oh. Look. Now you're producing pre-cum already. And I've only just begun. What do you say? Would you dress up like a maid and do housework for the neighbors in order to cum?”
[I continue to tease his cock this way knowing that it will bring him close to cumming.]

“No, I won't be that mean to you. How many months are you willing to stay in your cage if I let you cum today?”
[I stop stroking and wait for an answer.]

“What else would you do for an orgasm? Would you be willing to suck another man's cock for me?”
[Again I stop and wait for an answer. At this point he is getting close to cumming so I have to keep stopping to make it impossible.]

“Oh surely you would be willing to suck Fred's (his best friend) cock? Maybe I will invite him over right now so you can have an orgasm today. What do you think? Do you want me to call Fred?”
[I pause my stroking with each question so that his cock can't get enough stimulation to cum.]

“Okay, Fred's out. Would you be willing to go back into your cage for two months if I let you cum now?”
[I will keep extending the time until he is on the verge of cumming.]

Would you be willing to go back into your cage for four months if I let you cum now?”
[ I stop again and wait for a few seconds. (I could hold him on the verge all day this way).]

“ Don't you dare cum! I haven't given you permission to cum. And I may not let you cum today.”
[I don't stroke him for at least a minute.]

“Okay, if you beg hard enough, I MIGHT let you cum. Go ahead, beg me to let you cum.”
[I don't stroke him until he sounds sincere.]

“You don't sound like you mean it. You don't really want to cum today, do you?”
[I stop stroking while he begs some more.]

“That's better. Now you sound like you really want to cum.”
[I stroke him only a few times then...]

“No, you can do better than that. I don't think you want me to let you cum. Let's see if we can get you a little closer to the edge so you really want it.”
[Now I start stroking a little more firmly.]

“You better tell me before you cum. If you cum without permission I will have to give you thirty swats with my paddle.”
[I keep stroking until he tells me he is really close. Then I stop for about twenty seconds.]

“Keep begging. Just because I stopped stroking is no reason why you should stop begging.”
[I start stroking again when he has rested enough. And I keep this up as long as I want!]

There you have it. Of course, in reality this can go on for hours. I usually negotiate several different things, such as a humiliating act or two, a long time in chastity and even something special for myself before I either allow him to cum, ruin his orgasm, or just stop and tell him that I have decided he can wait until another day for his orgasm. I probably won't even make him do the humiliating things he agreed to while 'under duress', but it's fun seeing just how far he is willing to go for just one orgasm! How you end it (and when) is all up to you. Just make sure you keep talking, teasing him with your words, until either you or he has had enough.

Now go try it out yourself... And have fun!

Mistress Ivey

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