Friday, December 3, 2010

Chastity Roulette

As games go, there are an unlimited number of choices. However, I think Roulette is, by far, the best of them all. It has nine different odds depending on the bet placed, and '0' and '00' add something special for the Mistress. There are so many ways to play, only a few of which I will show you here.

  • Roulette Wheel
  • Betting table (usually cloth)
  • Odds chart (see photo)

Bets and Odds: (see Odds chart)
The odds vary according to the bet placed. You can download the photos on this page for a full sized version. (Just click the photo and download it however your browser requires. Same with the table photo.)

How to Play:
The sub (or chaste one, if you will) is allowed to place one bet only. What he (or she as the case may be) wins is determined by the payout odds. The better the odds of winning, the less he/she will get.

  • 35:1 – Full orgasm (any way)
  • 17:1 – Ruined orgasm (Mistress' choice how)
  • 11:1 – 1 Hour of teasing (can include edging)
  • 8:1 – 45 minutes of teasing (no edging)
  • 6:1 – 30 minutes of teasing (no edging)
  • 5:1 – Edged 3 times (however long it takes)
  • 2:1 – Masturbate for 10 minutes (no orgasm)
  • 1:1 – 1 minute of masturbation
If he/she loses their bet, nothing happens that day. Or perhaps they are punished in some way.

Of course, you can use whatever incentives you like. You don't have to use the examples given here. You may want to use a disincentive such as a humiliation or a punishment to make the better odds not such a good thing. Masturbation can often be a disincentive as well.

So what happens if the ball lands on '0' or '00' and he/she did not bet on them? That's up to you. As Mistress, you can make it anything you want, perhaps a punishment or a very humiliating act of some sort. Here are a couple of simple variations that require only the wheel itself. No betting table or odds chart is needed.

Variation 1:
This variation is for serious long-term chastity subs only. The odds of getting an orgasm is 1 in 19. I would recommend allowing other ways of winning or ways of getting some sort of teasing for subs who can't last a month or more without some kind of relief.

No betting table or odds chart needed. The only way to win is for the ball to land on '0' or '00'. Any other number simply adds to the time in chastity. That is, until the game can be played again. For example, if the ball lands on '30' then he/she will have to wait 30 days (in chastity) before they can try again. If the ball does land on '0' a ruined orgasm (or other reward) is granted. For a '00' the reward could be a full orgasm.

Variation 2:
In this variation, you use only the roulette wheel and the betting table (or cloth). This version is based on a system of building the punishment or reward according to certain conditions. Where the ball lands decides what reward or punishment is given. It can be played daily because there is nothing that sets a number of wait days. Of course you could implement one. Perhaps if the number is 'Odd' it could be the number of days to wait before getting another try.

  • Number – Base number (x) used in determining reward. Can also be used in determining when the game will be played again (if not playing daily).
  • Column 1 – Punishment such as paddling x times
  • Column 2 – Teasing for x minutes
  • Column 3 – Teasing in chastity for x minutes
  • Even number – Double the base number (2-72)
  • Odd number – (No effect)
  • Black – Performed while wearing chastity device (or not bound)
  • Red – Performed without chastity device (or while bound)
  • '0' – Ruined orgasm
  • '00' – Full orgasm

Of course, you can set your own rewards, or leave out certain conditions (such as even/odd) if you choose, or come up with completely different rewards.

You can purchase a Roulette set at many toy stores. They are not very expensive and everything you need to play is included. Remember, these are only examples. You can play any way you choose, just be sure the rules and rewards are clear before you start. Have fun with it and be sure to let me know how it all goes. And tell me about any variations you come up with.

Mistress Ivey

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