Sunday, December 12, 2010

New Toy!

I found a new product on the market that is great for tormenting a man's cock while you are teasing him. Well, it's called an “Expandable Ponytailer” by scünci. I am sure you can find them anywhere women's hair products are sold. I bought mine at the local “Dollar General” store. They come in two sizes (large and small). I got one large one and two small ones for a total of $5. The large one measures about 1-3/4 inch across at the base and was sold as a single unit. The smaller one measures about one inch across the base and was sold as a pair (for smaller ponytails I assume).

When you open them up (by spreading them out) the first thing you notice is those wonderful teeth inside! They are built as a lattice work that expands and contracts as you pull and push on them. I suppose they would be nice to hold a ponytail in place, but, as I said, I had another purpose in mind for them.
As I expanded one of the smaller ones to it's full diameter, I noticed how nicely it might fit around the base of my slave, nemo's, cock. So I slipped his cock through the hole so that teeth would prevent him from pulling it off, and gently squeezed the thing until it fit snugly. I didn't have to squeeze hard as his cock was soft at the time I wondered what would happen if I teased it enough to get him that way. So I did.

He complained that the little teeth were beginning to hurt (and he wasn't even fully erect... yet. As his cock filled with blood to it's full size (about an inch and half in diameter) the ponytailer expanded a little, but not as much as his cock. I was told the pain was sufficient. I squeezed it couple of times to be sure and nemo was correct. There was sufficient pain for me to fully enjoy myself.

I teased his cock, since the majority of it was available for whatever I might want to do with it. I could suck it, stroke it, fondle it, even rub the tip to torment him. It was great. He was in pain while enjoying every minute of everything I did to him. Well, that is until I discovered a use for the large ponytailer...

I opened it up and placed it over the tip of his hard cock and then closed it down as far as it would go. Now he was really in some pain. So I began teasing his nipples, his balls, his ass and talking to him about all the neat sexual things I had planned for him. Those nasty little teeth did exactly as I had hoped they would... They made his life miserable. Well, his cock anyway.

Please understand, these teeth are made of flexible plastic and won't actually do any damage to him or his precious cock. But they do make enough of an impression to keep his mind on them. Nemo says that the ones around the base don't hurt as much as the spikes in his CB3k, but that the large ones on the tip of his cock were pretty painful. All in all, I would say that the experiment was a success!

I had nemo wear the small one around the base of his cock for most of a day. He reported that they were of no consequence until his cock started getting hard, much like the teeth in his chastity device. So he felt the teeth when he got aroused but they didn't cause any problems otherwise. It's sort of like a chastity device that doesn't lock, yet leaves him accessible if I want to tease him for just a minute or two.

You should try this new trick with your sub, slave, hubby, or what have you.

Mistress Ivey

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