Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Male Chastity Pt-6

How to Tease Him

One of the most often asked questions. Ivey got it a lot and I have gotten it a few times. I will give you a few examples and you can use your imagination from there. The first thing is, you must understand exactly what teasing is all about.

The art of teasing a man sexually has been practiced since the dawn of man ( and women). Women have used it to get more meat from her cave man, the chance to kill an enemy, and yes, even the opportunity to get a new car. Anytime a woman uses her sex appeal in order to influence a man in any way, she is, technically, teasing him. She offers certain sexual favors if he will only do such and such for her. Don't tell me you haven't ever done that. I know better.

Anyway, all you are doing is telling your chastity boy that you “might” let him have an orgasm if he will do something for you. Or perhaps, you simply fondle him and nuzzle into his neck and talk sweetly to him in order to get him to agree to something else. You have ALL done it at one time or another.

There are three basic areas, or types, of teasing. The first is verbal. You tell him how much you would like to let him out of his cage so that you could play with him. Maybe suck on him. Or stroke him, or whatever you think will turn him on. You can use verbal teasing any time. If you're on the phone, in the car, at the grocery store or even in bed with him. It's easy. Just make him think that you want him just as badly as he wants you. You may not, but he doesn't need to know that.

The second type of teasing is psychological teasing. You play with his mind, with his fantasies, or you make up some fantasy of your own and implant it in his head. You can write him a letter, email him, send him a text, call him, or even simply whisper in his ear. What do you say? That's easy, say anything that you think will turn him on. Tell him how badly you want to jump up and down on his hard cock, or how much you would love to tie him down and tickle every part of this body, including his cock and balls. You can tell him you would like to spend a weekend with him at a motel, just the two you. Anything that will get his motor running is a good psychological tease.

Finally, we come to the physical tease. Now I know Ivey has written about this. She has written a book about it. Anyway, the physical tease is exactly what it sounds like. You touching him. Anywhere, anytime, any place. Talk about or whisper a psychological tease in his ear while working your hand into his pants to fondle his cock and balls. At night, when you go to bed, run your hands all over his body and be sure to make him beg you to let him out of his cage. Of course, you are not going to do that, but if he begs you for release, you have done your job well. And you can turn over and go to sleep. Okay, it may be hard (pun intended) for him to get to sleep, but that's all a part of the game.


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