Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Male Chastity Pt-5

How to Control Your Chaste Man

If you thought getting him locked up in a chastity device was all you needed to do, you are sadly mistaken.

Many of the websites I have been to seem to think that once you have him locked up all safe and secure, you are done. WRONG! If you happen to be one of those who is actually mean and cruel, you can now move on to something else in your life. Let him suffer like the wimpy little rat he is. But... If you are a real, caring human being, you will want to keep your end of the bargain. What bargain? You ask. Surely you didn't get him so drunk that he passed out making it easy for you to lock his little dickie up. If not, that means you made some kind of agreement about teasing him at some point.

Let's talk about that. I am not going to fill your head with things to do to him physically. You know how to do that, or, at least, you should. No, I am going to tell you how wrong other Internet sites are when it comes to that.

You have seen some of those captioned photos in which some woman tells her guy that she makes the rules and that her first rule is that he will never cum again. Do that, and your marriage (or whatever kind of relationship you have) will be over. Remember, there isn't a chastity device that can't be removed without a key. No, there isn't. But I am not here to talk about that. I am talking about the kind of things you can, can't, and should say to your guy once he is securely locked in his chastity cage.

Don't tell him his chastity is permanent. Don't tell him he is never going to cum again. Don't tell him he can look at you but he better NEVER try to touch you again. These are ultimatums that should never be used (unless used properly) by you.

Don't tell your chaste man to never expect any teasing, after all, that is the whole purpose of caging his manhood. If you do what these other websites tell you to do, you will not only destroy your relationship, you will ruin any chance you had of being happy.

Not teasing the guy you put into chastity is tantamount to ignoring him. He didn't agree to let you lock him up just so you could ignore him. And I suspect you know that. There is no quicker way to end a good relationship than ignoring your partner sexually. No, you want him aroused. In fact, you want him aroused and frustrated as much as he can handle. Your goal is to get him to do nice things for you... Bring you flowers, gifts, be more concerned with your sexual needs than his own, help you with chores around the house without complaining, and so on and so forth.

Oh, don't get me wrong. You can tell him that you will never let him cum again, or that he will never get out his cage again, but you really should include the words, “Unless I want you to.”
That makes the threat a tease. But of course, there are many other kinds of teases but we will get into that later. That was Ivey's job to teach you about those. My job is teach how to keep him happy so that he will keep you happy and you BOTH can live happily after ever... I mean ever after.

(I really shouldn't have watched so many Popeye cartoons when I was a kid.)

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