Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Step Three

If you have done the first two steps exactly as I have explained them, then you should be ready for Step Three. I want you to gather together the following items:
  • Something you can use as a blindfold. A bandanna, a scarf, or even a sleep-mask. Anything that you can secure over his eyes so he won't be able to see anything you are getting ready to do to him.
  • A couple of toothpicks
  • Some type of mentholated cream or ointment. IcyHot works well and so does any muscle-ache relief cream such as Bengay or even Tiger Balm.
  • A few wooden clothespins (3-4 will do).
  • Something that vibrates.
  • Some kind of lubrication (oil or cream)

Once you have all these items, put everything except the blindfold in a small bag. An old purse works just fine. We don't want him seeing the other items until you are done with him. Getting him to wear a blindfold for some sexual fun shouldn't be difficult.

Have him strip naked and lay on his back either in bed or on the floor (I recommend a blanket as padding). Put the blindfold on him carefully. You want to make sure that he cannot see anything at all. Once he is comfortable and you are sure he cannot see, get the bag with the other items and place them next to you.

You can either sit beside him or between his outstretched legs for this. I like sitting between his legs because I can hold them down if I need to. It also adds to his feeling of being helpless, or at your mercy. This feeling adds greatly to the experience he is about to receive.

Start off by asking him if he is comfortable. After all, this is for his pleasure, the more comfortable he is, the better. Begin by using the toothpicks. You can use just one, or one in each hand. You want to GENTLY poke him in random locations on his body. You can poke his tummy, his scrotum, his face, his nipples, his penis, his legs and feet. Poke anywhere and everywhere, just be sure you do it gently.

After several minutes of this, apply a little dab of mentholated cream to each of his nipples and blow gently on them. The sensation won't last very long, but you can apply little dabs in several other places just to keep him guessing what is next. Finally, you can place a small dab on is scrotum (and/or on his penis) and blow on it until he no longer feels any sensations from it.

Next, attach three or four clothespins to his scrotum. Don't worry, they are not very painful there. If they seem to actually be hurting him, remove them. But odds are, you will be able to leave them in place for at least a few minutes.

While the clothespins are doing their thing, use the vibrator to gently tease his scrotum, his nipples, and his inner thighs. Try not to touch is penis, yet. We will get to that.

After a few minutes of the vibrator, you can remove the clothespins from his scrotum. Now use the vibrator as you did before. This time, you can run it gently from the base of his penis to the tip every few minutes. Do it too often and he might ejaculate. You don't want that, yet.

Finally, when he starts to beg you to touch his cock, stop the vibrator and apply some lubricant to both your hands. Take his penis and gently, and slowly stroke it using BOTH hands. You can stop periodically to fondle his scrotum and allow his penis to relax. Keep doing this as long as you can.

Once he really begins begging you to make him ejaculate, you can release his penis and tell him to do it for himself. Tell him, if he really wants to ejaculate, you want him to do it himself so that you can watch it. If he doesn't agree to do it himself, return to the slow, gentle teasing you were doing until he does agree.

Be prepared for him to do one of two things after he ejaculates. He will either want to do something sexual for you, or he will be too tired to do anything. Either way, you are done.

The point of this exercise is to teach him how good sex can be if he just allows you to do what you want. These may not be new experiences for him, but he will get the point, either way. This is the time for you to ask if he would like to have you do that to him again, sometime. (Don't worry, he will.) Tell him that you want to be in charge of him sexually. Not just once in a while, but ALL the time.

I hope you can see where all this is leading...

Mistress Ivey