Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Step Two

Okay, so your husband gave you a few well deserved massages. I hope there were at least one or two of those that you did not return the favor. You can make up any excuse you like, but I would stay away from the “I'm sick” excuse. Let's look at where you can go from here...

What I recommend is treating your husband to a long, relaxing tease session. You should start with a message, much like the ones he has been giving to you. Make it long and slow. However, unlike him, I want you to include his genitals. Remember, long and slow.

Once you have massaged his back (and buttocks), turn him over and apply some nice soothing oil (or body lotion) to his chest and legs. DO NOT touch his genitals until you have finished with the rest of his body!

Get a fresh glob of oil or lotion on your hands and gently rub it all over his penis and scrotum. Again, remember to do it VERY slowly. At this point he should be nice and hard. You have his attention! Use it to your advantage. DO NOT use your mouth or tongue during this session!

While you are massaging his genitals, you can talk about anything you like. I would suggest you start my thanking him for the attention he has given you lately. Tell him that you really appreciate him and that you would like to return the favor. Keep your touch as light as you can. You can even use one finger for awhile to test his reactions.

After about ten to twenty minutes, of this, give him two or three firm strokes then release him. Don't touch him at all. Ask him if he has enjoyed his massage. He won't want you to stop at this point. And you won't. But you need to get something else from him first.

Think of something you would like him to do for you. It could be as simple as to take you out for dinner, or to see a special movie, it could even be that you simply want him to buy you some flowers. It doesn't really matter what you ask for, just make it something you haven't had (or done) for a while. Don't worry, he will agree to anything at this point.

Once he agrees to your request, you can return to stoking his genitals. Again, start off slowly and very gently. Use a very light touch for the first few minutes. When you are ready, you can finish him off with some rapid strokes or, better yet, ask him to do it for you. Tell him that you have always wanted to watch him masturbate. He should be more than willing to do it at this point.

Next time, we will talk about what else you can do with you partner to get him to realize that you are in control.

Mistress Ivey

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