Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Final Step

Sex should be fun! And now it is YOUR turn.

Your partner should be anxious to repeat the previous session. After all, it was all about HIS pleasure. And he DID enjoy it! If he has not, yet, agreed to allow you total control over your sex-lives, then hold out. Simply tell him that until he agrees to your request to be in charge, he is going to get nothing. As a reminder, ask him if he enjoyed what you did to him the last time. Does he want to experience that kind of thing again? If so, he needs to agree to put you in charge.

I doubt he will fight you on this, but if he does, hold out for awhile. If more than a couple of weeks goes by without any sexual encounters, you can simply repeat the last one with one minor change... Bind his hands. This is important. You can bind them to the headboard, to each other, or run a rope under that mattress and bind one hand to each end. Now, when you repeat the last session with his arms immobilized, he will not be able to finish himself off. Thus, he, and his ejaculation, are at your mercy.

This time, DO NOT allow him to ejaculate until after he agrees to put you in charge. You can get any other agreement you want, but the goal is simply to get him to agree to let you be in charge. Once he has agreed to your terms, you can give him that long awaited ejaculation. Make it a good one. A hard one! Most of all, make him BEG for it!

Of course, while you have him bound to the bed, you can negotiate just about anything else you would like. Or, you can have him give you some oral sex, if that is something you want. Basically, once he has agreed to your terms, you are ready to begin your Female Led Relationship.

The next step is to show your partner what kinds of things you want, or need, from him in order to make your new relationship a complete success. I am talking about sexual things. You can guide him verbally through the things you enjoy, oral, anal, passionate kisses, or whatever it will take to make you sexually satisfied.

Finally, you can begin controlling things that, in the past, were his to control. Things like, how and where your money is spent. Do you want more allocated to romantic outings? Maybe you want him to do more spontaneous things such a buying you flowers, or just giving you more attention. Whatever you want is now in your control.

In the end, you can design a contract, if you feel the need for one. (See Sample Contract) Or you can simply set down some rules you expect him to follow. Enjoy your new lifestyle and don't be afraid to post (or email) any questions you may have. As always, I will be happy to answer them.

Mistress Ivey

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