Wednesday, September 20, 2017

More on Tasks

There are a large number of men (I don't know about women) out there who don't have anyone to give them orders, or to tell them what to do and when or how to do it. These men want some kind of sexual release (or tease and denial) in order to relieve their sexual frustrations. I finally found them a solution...

There is a website called SexScripts that does just that. No, you won't find any Mistresses or Masters to tell you what to do, but you will find many games you can play that will take care of all those pesky sexual urges you have.

SexScripts has a program that you can download and simply run any of the hundreds of programs (scripts) that are listed on their website. These scripts are written by people just like you and me. People who know what tease and denial is all about. Want chastity? There are scripts for that. Want to be controlled by a Master or Mistress? There are scripts for that. Want to play a game online with other people (live) where you have to strip or even perform tasks while other players watch you? There are scripts for that, too!

In the past, I have written several tease and denial scripts that guys found to be a lot of fun to play when they had no one else to guide them. Well, here is a unique website full of tease and denial scripts for your enjoyment. The beauty of SexScripts is that you are not playing online. You play them from your own computer (or even phone). Some games do require an Internet connection, but most do not. So, even if you can't access the Internet (wherever you are), you can still play the games. You can ALWAYS play in private!

I highly recommend you take a look at SexScripts the next time you are looking for a little sexual excitement, but don't have a partner around to tell you what to do.

If you happen to be a woman in charge of  a man, perhaps your hubby, you might want to take a look at this website as well. You can have your partner play certain games, telling him what choices to make, or you can simply get some great ideas for tasks you can use yourself. It's a great place to help you create that LONG list of tasks your partner will never suspect you have! Check it out...

Mistress Ivey